Teach Your Teen Responsibility When Learning How to Drive

Has the time finally arrived when being a mom means watching your son or daughter learn how to drive? If so, how will you handle it? For many moms, it can be a time of angst, thus knowing their little one is no longer so little these days. That said it is important to encourage your teen when they are ready to drive. To try and hold them back sends the wrong message on several fronts. Of most importance, teach your teen the responsibility they will have as they learn to drive. Given all the potentials for an accident, your teen must keep themselves and others as safe as can be. So, is it time to get your teenager driving? It All Starts with the Drive for Safety In doing all you can to focus on safety with your teen learning how to drive, remember these pointers: 1. Rules of … read more

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Twelve Days Of Baking


Image We all have a yummy guilty pleasure that we try and stay away from. But at Christmas, it is universally acknowledged that you get to eat whatever you want. And what more fun can you have than to make your very own tasty treats? And not only that, but you can use your baking sessions to create gifts, to spend time with family and just to have fun. You don’t have to be Mary Berry either; baking can be as simple as you want to make it. Just Decorating Ease your way into your baking extravaganza with a just decorating task. Get yourself a gingerbread house kit – there’s a great, ready baked one from ikea – and just spend the afternoon assembling and decorating it as a family. DIY Gifts Why not just assemble the ingredients in a DIY gift package for someone else? That way you can … read more

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Double Trouble: How To Buy Gifts For The Twins In Your Life


Source With the Christmas season now upon us, we are all turning our minds to the reality of buying gifts. We all want to find that perfect gift to show our love and appreciation for someone who is dear to us– but if we’re honest, we know deep down that some people are more difficult to buy for than others. One of the trickiest gifting issues you may well have to resolve is how to buy for twins. If you have friends or family with twin children, you can find yourself wondering what the acceptable etiquette is. One gift or two? Different gifts or the same item duplicated? So many questions, so few answers…! Until now, that is. Let’s go through the most common questions that people have about gifting to twins, and explore the answers that you have been seeking… Should Twins Receive Separate Gifts? There is no definitive … read more

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Losing The Undesirable ‘New Mom’ Body

mom body

Having a baby is the greatest feeling in the world. Even the nine months of pregnancy are a truly magical time in your life in spite of the issues with discomfort, especially in the third trimester. However, if there’s one thing that no new mother likes, it’s the inevitable physical changes. Pregnancy can see you gain weight, skin blemishes, and issues like nose swelling. Unfortunately, those impacts don’t instantly end after childbirth. If you’re going to restore physical appearances to their former glory, you’ll need to make a conscious effort. Here’s all you need to know about taking your journey to the next level.    Source | Getting A Head Start Throughout pregnancy, your priorities will rightly be with baby’s safety and development. In truth, those sentiments of putting your son or daughter first will remain for life. Therefore, ignoring your body’s natural craving for more food and increased relaxation … read more

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10 Health Benefits of Herbal Tea

herbal tea 2

Brewing a cup of herbal tea first thing in the morning is an excellent way to start the day. The delicious aroma fills the air and stimulates the mind, while the tea steeps its goodness into the water. Herbal teas come in a variety of different flavors, from barks, seeds, flowers, herbs, and other plants. Many of these teas have their origin in traditional medicines where they are used to treat a variety of ailments. Drinking herbal tea every day is a great metabolism boosterthat increases your immune system while it detoxifies your body. Skip the morning coffee for a change and give an herbal tea a try instead. Choosing Your Herbal Tea The most important part of selecting the right herbal tea is picking a brand that supports sustainable, organic farming. High-quality ingredients ensure that you are getting what you pay for and a premium product. Visit a tea … read more

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