Uncle Milton Wild Walls- HGG

uncle milton

My step son is really in to baseball. He started playing T-ball when he was only 4 or 5 and has played ball practically every year since then. I am always looking for fun ways to incorporate a baseball theme into his room. Uncle Milton had the perfect product to bring the baseball stadium right into his room! I had never seen Wild Walls by Uncle Milton until recently and I have to admit they are pretty darn cool! I received the Baseball Star Wild Walls kit from Uncle Milton for review and I can not wait to have it installed once his room is repainted! This is probably the most unique wall decal/ night light set I have ever seen in my life. Wild Walls comes with decals to decorate your wall in the given theme. In our case this was a baseball field, ball players, and stars. These … read more

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Curious Chef Children’s Cooking Tools- HGG

curious chef

I remember growing up I absolutely loved helping mom cook. I always felt accomplished even if I was simply opening a can of biscuits and putting them on a cookie sheet. Now that my son is old enough to comprehend basic kitchen safety, I love to let him help me cook as well. Sometimes he wants to do bigger tasks, but the tools I have are just too big for him to be able to handle. I was so excited when I received a fun set of cooking tools to review from Curious Chef! With our new 6-piece cookie kit he can finally enjoy doing all of the tasks I normally take over! Th Curious Chef 6-Piece Cookie Kit is the perfect beginner cook set! The main cookware you need for baking cookies is all included in the box! There are 2 cookie cutters, a cookie turner, a wire whisk, … read more

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Mega Bloks Fast Track Raceway- HGG

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My three year old is obsessed with Mega Blocks. We have so many of them. He loves that they are big enough for him to handle and he can build fun thinks like his brother does with his Lego bricks. I love to watch him as he builds and tells me what he is making (even if there are many times I don’t have a clue what it is) So, when I had the chance to review Mega Bloks Fast Track Raceway I knew it was going to be an exciting experience! The Mega Bloks Fast Track Raceway is like the “starter kit” to get a child into the building experience. With the big blocks, photo style instructions, bright colors, and fun stickers it is a great way to get them enthused about building! This set comes with 50 pieces and is for ages 1-5. It includes everything from racing flags … read more

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I See Me Personalized Children’s Books- HGG


My three year old has an amazing love of books. We have so many books on our book shelf and he just adores it. If you were to try to send him to bed without a story, he’d likely have a giant meltdown! So, books always make the perfect gift in our house. He especially loves personalized books. There is something about hearing his name in a story about him that just makes him smile from ear to ear. We have reviewed personalized children’s books with I See Me a few times over the years and I have to say they are by far his favorite! This Christmas is no different! We received a copy Night Before Christmas and it is going to be the perfect Christmas Eve story book! As you see, the title incorporates their name so they can instantly see this book is about them! So, our … read more

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Safari Ltd Toobs and Figures- HGG

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n my house, we have a ton of little animal figures, people, mini vehicles etc. I think they are just a really col investment for kids because it teaches them so many things about their environment. They can learn about animals, habitats, careers.. te list is just endless. All while engaging in active play. This is why I LOVE the offerings at Safari Ltd. They have an expansive line of figurines that are perfect for every day play, earning and even schol projects! I received a few different items to review from Safari Ltd that I feel would make the PERFECT stocking stuffers! First is an item from their line of Toobs. Toobs are a super cute idea. It is a tube filled with small figurines. We have baby farm animals, dinosaurs, and zoo animals already. This time I chose the Train Toob since my son has a new train … read more

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