Potty Training Surprises?…. Let’s Talk Bums With Cottonelle!


Many thanks to Cottonelle for sponsoring today’s story and keeping my family’s bums clean! Well, the time has finally arrived! My three and a half year old has FINALLY decided that he is ready for potty training. Boy, I never knew just how long this process could take and all the surprises that could come with it. I mean, we all expect messes, we expect to clean floors, wipe toilet seats, change wet clothes… but there are other things that will really surprise you as well. For starters, toilet paper. I guess I just always assumed that’s what they went to when they started using the potty right? That’s what I have used since I can remember. Cottonelle to be exact. Of course, that is the best toilet paper out there! It’s so soft and thick and it just works! I tried other brands, i tried couponing to get the … read more

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Making Soups With A Blender


Get Some Of Your Own — Making Soups With A Blender If you enjoy preparing nutritious home-cooked food for your family you’ll find a blender invaluable. They can be used for preparing small quantities of food as well as coping with larger amounts, so they’re very versatile. The major decision you have to make when buying a blender is whether to choose a hand-held one or a blender that stands unaided and has a goblet for ingredients. It’s a matter of personal preference, but many cooks prefer a hand held blender that can be used in different bowls or pans and is often easier to wash after use, although blender goblets are normally dishwasher proof. What can you use a blender for? You can use a blender for many things, including small amounts of food, whereas for working with large amounts of food you need a food processor. You may want to … read more

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Create Canvas Art With Your Photos With #CanvasHQ


I am a photo addict. I take a million photos a day, every day. Unfortunately, most of them are digital and sit on a memory card, on a computer or cell phone. Every now and then I find the perfect photo that I know I just have to print. And sometimes, that photo is just to perfect to be a regular print. We recently took a trip to DC and visited the National Zoo. I got one of those photos and couldn’t wait for the opportunity to get it printed! I knew I wanted a canvas print of it because it was perfect. I received an opportunity to review CanvasHQ and knew this photo would be on my wall! Tell me this isn’t adorable? CanvasHQ did an amazing job. The website is so simple to use. All you have to do is upload a photo from your computer or Facebook. … read more

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Baby Fanatic Sippy Cups and Silverware!

sports cups

If there is one thing that makes my husband and I love fall more than any other season, it would be football. Every year we practically count down the days until the season starts. I’m one of those girls who probably knows a little more about football than I should, but I love it. Now, we have two sons to hopefully pass our love of football on to! My toddler was saying football when he was barely a year old. It was one of hi first few words actually. Our only issue will be who his team will be.  My husband is a huge San Francisco 49ers fan while I am a die hard Cowboys fan (hush, hold back those laughs!) It is hard to find items in his team being on the east coast so needless to say my son gets a lot of Dallas stuff for now. I … read more


Things Smart Moms Buy Used

video games

It does not matter how much money your household makes, it never seems to be enough, when you have kids. Those little bundles of joy really have a way of draining you dry, don’t they? You think, “If I can just get past the diaper stage, expenses will go down.” Ha! Not even close. It is estimated that on average it costs about $225,000 to raise a child from birth until their 18th birthday. You may not be able to cut that figure in half, but you sure can reduce it significantly, if you just stop buying certain things new. Clothes Not only are clothes grossly overpriced; every time you buy something new you contribute to the growing problem of textile waste. Clothes are so easy to find used,its amazing people even show new anymore. There are tons of garage and yard sales everywhere where you can buy baby and … read more

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