3 Keys to Family Safety

When it comes to your family’s safety, are you doing all you can to keep everyone safe? Overseeing a family is a 24/7 job, something that most parents are able to handle when all is said and done. That said there are countless ways you can keep your family as safe as possible. Whether in the house, out on the roads, even out in public settings, there’s much to think about. For many moms out there, running a family is a job none of them would ever trade. So, are you ready to see if you’ve got all your bases covered?

Where Does Your Family Need You Most?

For you to do as much as possible in keeping your family safe, remember these pointers:

1. Items around the Home

Given you and your family spend much of your time at home; is your home safe? One of the first things to do is check around to see if the home has any potential threats that can harm you or your kids. As your children get older, the threats at home change, so don’t assume all is fine once they near their teen years. Before they get there, look at these dangers in the earlier years:

· Electrical cords and other such items that can injure little ones

· Cleaning supplies like bleach and laundry detergent that can kill if swallowed

· Animals that may not be friendly towards little kids

· Doors that can leave a child locked in a closet or other part of the home

· Items in the garage that could fall on a child

Once your child gets to their teens, it is wrong to think they are 100 percent safe. In today’s digital age, more and more kids are spending time on the Internet. As a result, they open themselves up to potential stranger danger. Make it clear to your children that they must be very careful when using the family computer or a mobile device. As a parent, set clear rules when and how your children can access the Internet.

2. On the road

When you and your family are out on the roads, you are sharing them with hundreds and even thousands of others. That said do your best to keep everyone in your group safe. 

The first line of defense is of course your vehicle. Is that vehicle as safe as it can be, especially when you have children riding in it? While you should never use your mobile phone when driving, that device can serve you and not put you in danger. By adding a Bluetooth backup camera for the iPhone, you can increase your ability to see what is behind you. Even better, the device offers night vision. Doing so allows you to avoid backing up into another vehicle or worse yet a pedestrian at any point of the day.

Another area of focus should be your driving. Even when you are a good driver, accidents can happen. Avoid drowsy driving, speeding, tailgating, and talking or texting on your phone. When you put all your efforts into being a safe driver, your entire family wins.

3. Protecting Your Home

As mentioned earlier, you and your family spend lots of time under your roof. That said it is imperative that you make that home as safe as possible. If you like to travel often as a family, protect your home while away.  Simple tasks like having mail and newspapers collected, grass and bushes trimmed, and leaving a car in the driveway are importantIn the event you do not already have a security system, consider getting one. That security system can also protect you and your loved ones when the family is home. Whether you have family jewelry, collectibles, or many other items, make them secure.Keeping your family safe takes time and effort, but you have no alternative.

When it comes to family safety, is it one of your top priorities?

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