5 Reasons Why Camping Is the Ultimate Thrifty Holiday Experience

Camping is sometimes associated with lots of dirt, bugs and boring long nights roasting marshmallows. However, camping can also become one of the most enjoyable budget adventures that your family can go on. So close those web browsers and stop looking for holiday package deals. Instead, take a look at these five reasons why camping should be your next holiday of choice. Get out the camping gear, start up a shopping list and let’s get started!



  1. You can go wherever you want

You can go wherever you please on a family holiday. You can choose to go to a popular camping site with swimming locations, good food and hiking, or you can go even deeper into the woods and embrace nature as you see it. Whatever your heart desires, you can fill that sense of wanderlust with ease.

  1. You bond as a family

When you go on regular expensive holidays, you focus a lot on doing whatever is popular at the destination. For example, you might go off to Disneyland and only focus on the rides, or if you go to China then you’ll spend most of your time walking around the Great Wall and seeing all kinds of sights. This means you spend less time actually bonding with your family and more time being dragged along to see all kinds of touristy things. Camping, on the other hand, enables you to bond with your family and friends because you’re always close together, there’s no rush to see all the touristy attractions and you can pick what you want to do together.

  1. The gear is cheap

Take a look at the new site of TentsAndCampGear.com and you’ll find that camping equipment is cheap, affordable and lasts a long time. It has to be durable because it’s going to be thrown around, it could get kicked about and it has to last the entire camping duration. This is why a lot of camping gear you can find is so high quality—because it’s built to last. From bags to tents and stoves to cook your meals, the gear you buy for a camping trip will be less than the cost of a ticket to a regular holiday destination.

  1. You can do whatever you want

You can go swimming (assuming it’s safe to swim at your camping area!), you can go on hikes, you can ride your bike across some beautiful scenery, or you can even just bring your phone and catch up on some television shows you’ve missed. It doesn’t matter what you do because you’re free to choose whatever you like and what you make of your holiday all depends on you. If you’re still stumped for ideas, take a look at this list of camping activities at SkyAboveUs.com for more fun suggestions.

  1. It’s a healthy holiday

Instead of relaxing in a hotel room, eating food and occasionally laying around by a pool, camping is an active holiday that requires you to get active. This makes it the perfect holiday for active people and a good excuse to get outside and get some exercise done.

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