5 Sizzling Summer Savings for Moms

Even though we just passed the 1st day of spring, and snow is still present across most of the country, summer will be here before we know it! Summer is obviously every mom’s “favorite” time of year, where they get to “relax” with their kids all day, as the kids “entertain” themselves, right? WRONG! Most summer time entertainment falls solely onto mom’s shoulders, and those 2 ½ months can be rough on the family financials, especially if a vacation or two is thrown into the mix as well. Here’s a list of 5 great ways that moms can find some financial solace during the summertime fun!

Invest in “Multi-Summer” Apparel


Kids grow. There is nothing we can do to stop it. As a parent, our responsibility is to keep them clothed, and during adolescence, that involves going through lots and lots of articles of clothing. One item that constantly is overlooked year after year are bathing suits, which usually results in mom running out to a discount clothing store to grab a bathing suit before a beach trip or pool day. Just Bones Boardwear has developed a solution to this, adjustable swim trunks!

The idea behind the design is that each pair of boardshorts has a patented adjustable elastic waistband hidden in the back of the boardshorts that allows adjustment to ensure a snug fit. As your son or daughter grows, the boardshorts can “grow” with them.

Work those Coupons!

Couponing is an amazing way to save on just about anything, and the internet has made this no secret. How you use those coupons is a different story! A great technique is to round up as many coupons as you can for local restaurants, mini-golf, water parks, etc, and keep them in a folder in your car. This way, you’ll always be prepared for the inevitable, “Mommmmmm, can we please go hereeeeee.”

Another fun way to get the kids involved in helping save is to recruit them in coupon hunting. Give each kid a stack of circulars and a pair of safety scissors, and tell them to go to town! You can even make it into a competition, so which ever child comes up with the most “savings” gets to pick a special treat at the grocery store.

Keep a Close Eye on Deal Sites

Sites like Groupon and Living Social often have dozens upon dozens of great deals right in your area, and even more during the summertime, where businesses like amusement parks, bounce gyms, and entertainment centers are looking to fill their doors with kids on their summer vacation. The sites are always free to browse, and they also allow you to set up email notifications when new deals in your area become available.

Turn to the Outdoors

Instead of constantly ponying up the cash for movies, theme parks, and arcades, check out some of the natural resources in your area for fun day activities. Most national and state parks offer free or very affordable admission, and usually have programs designed for children to learn about the park and environment. If you’re miles away from nature, consider tasking the kids with environmentally-friendly “missions” around the house and in the neighborhood. Tasks could be things like building a rain barrel to water plants from, picking up garbage from a local park, or planting trees in your yard or a local field. Check with your local municipality for any summer programs they may be holding for children, as they usually come with reduced rates for town residents.

Visit Local Attractions Multiple Times

If you are fortunate to live near a great attraction for kids, something like a museum, zoo, or water park, check out if they offer any sort of memberships to the attraction. Many zoos offer family passes that can equate out to about the same price for a family of four to visit for one day. Having the ability to come back and visit the rest of the attraction another time allows you to break up the trip into multiple trips, keep kids under control, and prevents you from having to drag the kids through the heat to make sure you feel like you’ve gotten your money’s worth!

There are dozens of other ways that moms can save a few bucks while making sure their kids don’t spend the whole summer sitting in front of the TV, so if you have any other suggestions, please leave them in the comments so we can discuss!


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