6 Ingenious Ways To Have A Tasty Yet Thrifty Summer BBQ

Summer is well and truly on its way, and that means most of us will be spending a lot of time outdoors! It goes without saying that one of the best ways to enjoy the summer sun is by inviting friends and family members over to join you for a barbecue! It’s a brilliant way to socialize with those closest to you, and it gives you an excuse to show off your cooking skills!

Of course, the only downside to setting up a barbecue is the cost. Food isn’t cheap nowadays, and even just a gathering of ten people plus your own family could mean your grocery bill for that day is eye-watering!

However, the good news is you can have the most fantastic summer barbecue by following these six ingenious strategies to have a thrifty but tasty day! Here is what you need to do:


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  1. Don’t blow your grocery budget on meat

As you might expect, most people will want to have some burgers at your barbecue. The truth is, you can still serve up some delicious food without going broke in the process! All you have to do is be a bit more creative with the cuts that you buy from the supermarket. For example, you could save money by purchasing inexpensive flank steak. And if you’re cooking chicken, legs and thighs are cheaper than the boneless variety and still taste just as good!

  1. Healthy food can also save you more money

Not everyone at your summer barbecue will want to fill up their plates with meat and poultry! Don’t forget to offer other options such as fish and healthy vegetarian dishes too. While your goal is to keep your costs down, what you’ll also be doing is adding a lot more variety to your event.

  1. Buy an electric smoker

There’s no denying that smoked meat tastes amazing! Did you know that you could offer some to your barbecue attendees without spending a fortune? That’s right; all you need to do is invest in an electric smoker! Take a look at this website for the quickest and easiest guide to choosing the best electric smoker.

  1. Add some artistic flair to old favorites

If you’re cooking things like beef burgers and hot dogs, why not dress them up a bit to make them look great? For example, you could add some herbs and chopped-up bacon to your burger patties. Or you might want to split your hotdogs lengthwise and add some cheddar cheese to them!


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  1. Make friends with your local butcher

Believe it or not, your butcher can tell you which cuts are the cheapest on offer. The thing is, they might not be as popular as others, but they taste exactly the same! Why pay out more money for your meat than you need to?

  1. Ask your guests to supply drinks

One careful way to cut down on your barbecue grocery bills is to ask your guests to bring some drinks for everyone to enjoy. If the people coming to visit you supply the beer and soda drinks, you’ll cut your bills down a lot, giving you more money to spend on food.


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