7 Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Dad’s Birthday

Dads can be the hardest people to shop for when it comes to birthdays. Remember that every father is different, so a good tip for making his birthday perfect is to consider the type of dad he is. Whether your dad is an active guy, a manly man, or a sentimental father, this list of great but frugal birthday gifts will suit dads of every make and model.

Tickets to a Sporting Event


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Age is irrelevant for active dads. When it comes to birthdays, they want to celebrate with gifts that are personal but shareable. Is your dad into baseball, football, soccer, or NASCAR? Spoil him rotten by letting him share the experience with someone who loves that sport just as much as he does. Plan a father-son or a father-daughter day of sports, and remember that the real gift is not the ticket, it’s the shared experience. When dad can share something that he is passionate about with his child or spouse, everyone wins.

Indulge His Hobbies

Hobbies can often be guilty pleasures. Take the guilt out of dad’s hobby by surprising him with a gift that will help him enjoy something he’s passionate about. Maybe it’s a new book on his favorite subject, a tool that he’s been wanting, or even just a gift certificate to a store that specializes in his hobby. How much you spend is totally up to you, and keep in mind that gifts for men need not be expensive. It’s all about how you give it to him. The experience and memories are what matter. Make sure your gift is from the heart.

Create a Family Box Gift

When you’re an active dad, nothing is more exciting than a huge box filled with presents. This gift should touch on all the things dadloves. Hobbies, tools, photographs, books, hats, gift cards, and more can all be inexpensive but mean a lot to dad. Have younger children make coupon books for things like washing the car, reading stories, playing games, practicing sports, and giving hugs. Have older children contribute inexpensive gifts, and let dad enjoy bonding time with the kids.

Outfit Him in High Quality Clothing

Manly men are practical, reserved men with strong beliefs and high standards. Dads who fall into this category like gifts that also fit this description. Find inexpensive gift that focus on things that they wear and love. Flannel shirts, winter gloves, and thick wool socks all make great birthday gifts. Since dad might not take the time to buy these for himself, he’ll love receiving them for a special occasion. These small gifts can make a big impact.

Deck Dad out for Fishing and the Great Outdoors

If your dad is a manly man, chances are he loves fishing and the great outdoors. Fishing poles, a beer brewing kit, a meat smoker, or a giftcard to a tackle shop will all get dad ready to enjoy what he loves outside.

Treat Him to Snacks and Goodies

A birthday is the perfect time to treat dad to his favorite foods. Give him some great gourmet gifts like homemade jerky, smoked salmon, nuts, dips, spreads, or pickled veggies.

Relive a Sentimental Moment

If you have a hard time figuring out what to get for dad’s birthday, then start with something that shows how much you appreciate him. Remind him of something nice he did for you, and then find a gift that recreates the moment. If you had a funny and memorable experience when you first went fishing together, commemorate his birthday with a new fishing license and a day together. If dad taught you how to ride a bike, take him to explore a great new bike trail together. No matter what you choose, make the gift personal and meaningful. It will mean something to your dad, and that’s a priceless gift.

Finding the perfect birthday gift for dad doesn’t have to be difficult. Sometimes it is the little things that mean the most. Your dad may have a hard time showing it, but he’s sentimental, too. The cost of his gift isn’t as important as the thought and meaning behind it.

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