A healthy start to 2013 – Guest Post

A healthy start to 2013

A New Year approaches and signifies a fresh start and opportunity to leave behind negativity and make some positive changes. Many of our New Year resolutions will be related to our health, after all, what’s more important?  This could be anything from losing weight to giving up smoking to reducing stress in your life. Whatever your healthy change, here are some top suggestions to make sure they stick all the way through 2013

Get fit. This is often confused with the ‘lose weight’ category of health, but it actually means more than just weight. Slim people can be unfit and suffer the same impact from lack of fitness as overweight individuals. You shouldn’t be out of breath from running up the stairs in your house (depending on the size of your house, of course!) so if you find that this is a challenge, it’s time to think about changing your daily routine to include a little bit of time to work on your fitness. This shouldn’t conjure up images of long gym sessions, although if that’s your thing, go for it. Increasing your fitness level can be as easy as making some simple changes. Cycle to work if you live within 15 km of your workplace, walk to pick the kids up from school or set aside 30 minutes, 3 times a week to go for a jog or do a fitness DVD.  Making these a regular feature in your life will make a huge difference to your health.

Ditch the Cigarettes. You don’t need a new lecture about how bad smoking tobacco is for you, the information is out there, you just need the willpower and incentive to stop. The nicotine is what you are addicted to, but the carcinogenic chemicals in cigarettes are actually a result of the tobacco burning. Nicotine replacements, like gums and patches will help to cut out the tar without having to suffer the nicotine cravings, or try electronic cigarettes which simulate smoking, so you won’t miss the sensation. ecig starter kits are a great way to try these out.

Beat Stress. We can’t always avoid a stressful situation, such is the nature of life. But living with stress or anxiety on a daily basis can have a massive impact on your health. Stress can affect us physically with symptoms like stomach upsets, high blood pressure and frequent headaches, cognitively with memory problems, emotionally and behaviourally by affecting your sleep or eating habits. In short, stress can control you if you don’t get it in hand. Stress can be caused by external factors like relationship problems, financial difficulties or work pressure, or internal factors such as social anxiety or perfectionism.  If your factors are external, try to identify what the problem is, even writing a list of what is stressing you out so you can deal with each issue in turn. Any internal stress issues you have may need extra help, so seek out a professional counsellor who can help you with tools to combat your anxiety and help you deal with everyday life.

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