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Hi! I’m Amber and I am the pretty face behind Thrifty Mom’s Reviews! I am a 30 year old wife, mom and step-mom from Richmond, VA. I started blogging in 2012 after my son was born as a way to pass my time and give myself a voice (you know, outside of talking to a baby all day….) In five years, Thrifty Mom’s Reviews has completely evolved from a simple hobby to a job I LOVE to do!

Let’s start with the name since it is a bit confusing. Thrifty Mom’s Reviews… Many see “Thrifty” and think “Oh, shes a deals/frugal blogger”. While I do love deals and I can be pretty frugal, that’s not my blog. Thrifty is more than that. You see, I was born a Thrift. That’s actually my maiden name! My “oh so hilarious” husband still loves to sing “She’s Thrifty” to make me giggle. So, Thrift is my blood, not a cheap title.

Of course Mom is pretty self explanatory. I have a 14 year old step son who may not have grew in my belly, but he surely did grow in my heart. I have an amazing 5 year old son as well who stole my world the minute he arrived. I also have 2 beautiful fur-babies. (and a husband.. he counts as a kid sometimes too right??)

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I have many passions in life that you are sure to read about here on Thrifty Mom’s Reviews! I love anything to do with kids! Seriously, there is nothing more rewarding in life than knowing you help to mold a little being into someone that will be amazing for our future! I am a substitute teacher in my county as well and thoroughly enjoy it! I love to cook (cooking with kids is great too!), couponing, cleaning (thank you OCD), nature, and animals. I am particularly passionate about “bully breeds” as you can see I have 2 beautiful babies, one of which is a rescue dog. You may very well see posts about any of the above on this blog!


We also write reviews here at Thrifty Mom’s Reviews (could have guessed that, right?) We love to review family friendly items, pet products, local events or restaraunts, or any product or service that could be a good fit for our family. And of course since we all work to review items, you can look for more great photos of my whole family in future posts! If you are interested in having us work with your company or brand you can contact me through my contact tab above or by emailing amber@thriftymom613.com.


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