Adorable Prom Dresses at OKdress!

OK, so I know I have been talking a lot about prom dresses lately… But I think I am just realizing how much I truly regret never having the chance to experience my own prom. Back then I was not a girly girl and wearing a dress would have been on my list of things NEVER to do. Now, I would enjoy the chance to look and feel like a princess! I have been trying to help a friend of mine show her daughter some amazing dresses in hopes of finding the perfect one for her prom. I found the site I know it is not a local site, but they do have worldwide shipping and some adorable dresses to choose from that I hadn’t see anywhere else! I mentioned the other day that apparently pink is in for Spring so I have been searching pink. Oh boy, did I find the most adorable sequin short prom dresses available in different shades of pink! Just check out this one!

pink dress 2

I am more of a long dress person myself, but as I am quickly learning, long is apparently not the style among young girls anymore. Short and sassy with a bright splash of color is what I need to be looking at. That dress fit the style perfectly! I even got a big thumbs up from the daughter with that dress! Another one I really loved was this beauty. The sweetheart cut is adorable and amazingly enough this is UNDER $100!

pink dress 1

I expect shipping to be a little high coming from another country, I was rather excited to see they even offer a small selection of dresses that are in the free shipping category. I took a quick look at the options there and found a few I really loved for myself. I didn’t get a thumbs up on this choice, but I love it! I guess it wasn’t short enough.. Oh what I’d give to have had the chance to wear any of these styles from OKdress to my own prom! It’s fun to daydream though!

red dress

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  1. I absolutely love that pink dress, it is not like any other dress I have seen yet – okay both pink ones but the second one is a favorite. I know someone that is prom dress shopping so I will share this with her.
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  2. Prom dresses sure have changed! I love these, they are flirty and fun! Not as stuffy as the formal dresses of yore. I can’t believe I just said yore…
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  3. Malia says:

    I really love that second dress. It’s so pretty!
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