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Cruise in Style with Modarri’s Newest Toy Car Additions


Creating, building, taking things apart, and toy cars all seem to be a part of every little boys day to day life. Whether it’s Lego bricks, match box cars, or even simple building blocks, this all starts from a very early age. But what happens as they get a little older and feel like the “normal” everyday toys that have been around since WE were kids just aren’t as fun anymore? You introduce them to Modarri and they start their love all over again! I have reviewed a few different Modarri cars in the past and they have been a huge hit in our house. But I have to say, they really hit the nail on the head this time around! They recently released two new cars to their line up, the S1 Beach Cruzer (this is likely a big hit with young ladies who love cars as well) and … read more


Meet Ozobot Bit, Your new Tech Friend!

ozobot bit3

Technology… it has truly taken over. When I was in school, we had elective classes like Home Economics and Wood Shop where we had to physically use our hands and minds to create. My oldest is now hitting elective classes and boy have they changed! He has declared he wants to be an engineer when he grows up and wants to take classes to prepare him for such. This year, his agenda includes a class that focuses on building and creating with programs online (nope, no more drawing out blueprints with a compass and ruler!) I consider myself pretty tech savvy, but things are getting to advanced for even myself! When kids get toys that I have to have them show me how to use, you know you live in a tech world! So, I was a little overwhelmed when we chose to review the new Ozobot Bit. But, the … read more

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PetSac: The Must Have Back to School Item This Year!


As the summer comes to an end, the sweet sound of school bells will soon be heard. (Ok, so maybe not sweet to kids, but most likely the moms are begging to hear them!) Some have already returned, but others like ours are anxiously awaiting September. Rushing to pick up pencils, notebooks, binders and that never ending list of school supplies that truly does seem to grow more and more every year! While technology is rapidly taking over, one thing that never changes is the need for a back pack. I always hate supply shopping, but choosing my back pack each year was the next best thing to school clothes shopping! To bad we never had something as adorable as the new PetSac back packs now available online and at a Walmart near you! I received these two ADORABLE little guys to review and my boys were rather thrilled! What exactly … read more

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Build & Imagine: Taking on the World, One Magnet at a Time!


As a mom, I am always excited to find new toys that really reshape the way kids play. There are too many toys out there that are simply a remake of an already popular product  My kids end up with the exact same toys over and over and while they may have a new name, they don’t end up offering anything new or exciting that the previous product didn’t already do. Building blocks and stacking logs offer creativity at its best.. but I love finding that “different” item. Lately, magnetic building sets has been where it is at. My boys LOVE creating with magnetic pieces. We have multiple sets by multiple companies. They’re pretty awesome, but again wearing thin on differences. Until now. Build & Imagine was awesome enough to offer us a chance to review their creative line of magnetic construction sets tat truly DO have a unique twist … read more

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Back to school in style with Locker Lookz


Its that joyous time of year again for us moms. School is about to start! Yippee! (shhh, don’t tell the kids I said that!) Honestly though, I do miss this time of year when I was a child. The excitement of new clothes and new shoes. I was one of those crazy kids who was beyond excited to to sit down with all my school supplies each year and organize them over and over while waiting for the summer to end. I couldn’t wait to take them and shove them in my locker. Then, once the school year started, I’d hate my locker and do anything I could to make it more exciting. I had photos of my friends, my crush, famous people.. Lots of cutting and scotch tape later I’d be halfway happy and call it a day. Boy do I wish Locker Lookz had been around back then! … read more

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