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Do You Want Your Life Back?


As a mom, you know how tough life can be at times. Sure, you likely have the best kid or kids around (at least that is what you tell everyone). Meantime, you are dealing with some of the worst physical discomfort there can be, notably chronic back pain. When you find yourself in this sort of a predicament, where best to turn for help? Some moms will try and fight through the pain as best as possible. Others, meantime, will say that enough is enough, opting to go to their primary doctor. For some, it may even come to the point where they seek out a pain treatment center. In order for you to get your life back, at least to a point where chronic pain is not the everyday norm, find that help you so desperately want and need. If you do find that help at some point, there … read more

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Community Spirit & Your Kids


[ From: PixaBay ] Community is one of those concepts that seems to have faded as the years have passed. Once – or so old footage would have you believe – a community was a neighborhood that knew one another. Everyone knuckled together during times of strife or crisis, bonded by shared experience with nothing but a shared location making friendships that would go on to last a lifetime. In recent years, it’s a culture that has largely been diminished. The reasons for this are various, from a more insular society in general right through to the fact that people tend to move home more. But community is still a vital, thriving necessity. The people you share a home with are those who you need to be able to turn to both for support through bad times and for celebration of the good times. It therefore makes sense as a … read more

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4 Tips for Beating Chronic Lower Back Pain


Are you a mom who cringes at the thought of lower back pain? For millions of people, the physical and emotional pain and stress of lower back pain can literally bring tears to their eyes. Whether they were injured in the workplace, fell at home, hurt themselves moving, maybe even just turned the wrong way getting out of bed one morning, the pain can be relentless. Throw in the mental pain of being kept from doing lots of things that they love, lower back pain can end up ruling their lives for many years. That said there are options on the table if you truly want to take the fight to lower back pain. The question typically becomes, are you willing to put in the time and effort to do these? Put Your Plan in Motion So that you can take the fight to lower back pain, give consideration to … read more

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Campsite Cooking: How to Eat Healthily and Affordably

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Camping trips are a great way to reconnect with nature, embark on outdoor adventures, and spend some quality time with friends and family. But just because you’re going back to basics, doesn’t mean you can’t eat healthy too. Here’s how you can have a fuss free and nutritious meal every day, by cooking the old fashioned way. Image Source: Pixabay Cooking Supplies Before you get down to some fireside cooking, make sure you have all the essentials. Little things like strike anywhere matches can be easily overlooked, but are crucial for a weekend away in the wild. Same goes for lighter fluid. These two are the first things you should think of before setting out on any outdoor adventures. Aluminium foil is essential for preparing grilled food. Package your food in ziplock bags for secure storage. Measure your ingredients ad combine dry ingredients together. You’ll also want to bring a … read more

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Be a Frugal Mover


Saving as much money as possible when moving home is important, especially if you’ve already paid hefty prices for the location you’re moving to. After you’ve paid a substantial amount for your new home, you don’t want to have to spend much more on actually getting there, so it’s a good job the move itself doesn’t necessarily have to have too much of an impact on your wallet. If you read the hints and tips below, you’ll find ways to see the costs down when moving home. Image source Firstly, you should prepare to purge your possessions (trying saying that three times in a row). Although getting rid of things may be even harder than saying that three times quickly, you have to fight the compulsive hoarder within you and get rid of everything you don’t need to take with you. Even when the nostalgia kicks in, you must always … read more

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