How Baby Boomers Will Impact the Nursing Shortage

Wow, seeing this infographic from Maryville University’s Nursing Program really made me think. Many times, we take for granted jobs done by people in the healthcare field. Coming from a line of family who has always been big into nursing (grandma, mom, sister, cousins….) I just always felt like there are tons of people out there ready to do this job and we’d never have a shortage of nurses of any kind. I now feel a little selfish for all of the times I told my family “Ehhh, that’s not a job for me. I can’t see myself doing that.” Yep, I have said those exact words MANY times in my past. My mom is a baby boomer while I am a millenial. Maybe it is time I rethink my future goals in life after my son starts school and actually consider nursing. It would be rather rewarding to know I can help those in the years to come when they need it most. Was this as much of an eye opener for you as it was me or am I just an overly emotional person? Anyone else think they need to reevaluate their career goals now?

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  1. My dad is also a baby boomer. It makes you think! Thanks for sharing:)
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