Be a Frugal Mover

Saving as much money as possible when moving home is important, especially if you’ve already paid hefty prices for the location you’re moving to. After you’ve paid a substantial amount for your new home, you don’t want to have to spend much more on actually getting there, so it’s a good job the move itself doesn’t necessarily have to have too much of an impact on your wallet. If you read the hints and tips below, you’ll find ways to see the costs down when moving home.


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Firstly, you should prepare to purge your possessions (trying saying that three times in a row). Although getting rid of things may be even harder than saying that three times quickly, you have to fight the compulsive hoarder within you and get rid of everything you don’t need to take with you. Even when the nostalgia kicks in, you must always try to think about your future and what can, and what cannot, have an impact on it. For instance, an old chair that you may have had for years, but wouldn’t really suit the style of your new living room, may best be suited to being left behind or being taken to the junkyard. A purging of your possessions may even mean you get you some money back for them, but would be practical as it would free up more space when it comes to moving things to your new location that you actually need, which in turn cuts down on having to pay any prices for more moving services.

And you should seek to make the move as least costly as possible by seeking the help of professional movers. Doing so will allow you to be able to keep a track on all of your outgoings as you’ll know exactly what prices are being paid, as well as giving you a peace of mind that your worldly belongings are being treated with care and the upmost professionalism. Moving everything yourself will mean you’ll have to shell out on expenses for the hiring of appropriate vehicles, the appropriate insurance and the appropriate safeguarding procedures to protect everything you’re moving. Ultimately, if they break, then you’ll have to spend more money on getting them fixed. When dealing with moving services, you should book them as early as possible in order to find the most frugal deals. You should try to find the cheapest methods of packing available as well. To do this, you can contact stores and ask if they have any big boxes that are going spare that you could use.

And it’s not just all about the physical possessions you own now; you have to make sure everything that is waiting for you at your soon-to-be home is working. To do this, you have to change over your utilities. If you want services such as your phone to be working and your lights to be on once you’ve relocated; transferring your services (disconnecting them in one place and resuming them in another), must be done — it is is a simple task that can even be done online. You can also save even more money on utilities around the house by checking these hints and tips.

There are a whole host of money saving tips for moving house, and you should aim to know of as many of them as possible before you make the big move.


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