Bears for Humanity, Changing the World, Two Teddy Bears at a time!

How can a teddy bear (or two) change the world? It seems like a silly statement to make. But in the case of Bears for Humanity, Teddy truly is making a difference! You see, all kids, and even many adults love a nice, soft teddy bear. We buy them for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, sick family and friends in the hospital… and they are always cherished. What if every time you bought a bear for someone dear to you, a bear was given to someone who may not otherwise be receiving a bear but could so desperately use one to cheer them up during the darkest of times in their life? A child moving from home to home in foster care, a veteran returning home from a stressful tour (or a verteran’s child whose father who will never return) or a child from a low income family who just wishes Santa could bring them a snuggly bear this Christmas.. all of these and many more are now having the chance thanks to Bears for Humanity! Every time a bear is bought from their site, they donate a bear in the same choice to a charity of your choice (from the charities they partner with) I recently had the honor of choosing a bear for my little one to review while choosing to make a donation to the Semper Fi Foundation to honor those serving our country. We chose Sweetie Bear and he is the PERFECT bear!


As you can see, he is a nice size for a teddy! The color is amazing and the feel is extremely soft. It is stuffed really well too, so no sagging, cheaply made teddy here! These bears are made from 100% certified organic cotton/hemp fibers. They are hypoallergenic (huge plus for many children who may not have many stuffed toys due to allergies). hey are made in the USA, giving jobs to those who need one through CalWORKs in Northern California.The premium bears are 16″ tall when standing and have joints that move on the arms, legs and neck! They are available in five colors (beige, pink, brown, white and blue).If you prefer a smaller bear, you can choose from the baby bear collection at only 7 inches tall without articulating limbs and are great for smaller children or space savers. These bears make the perfect gift for any occasion!


At check out, you will be asked which foundation you would like your second teddy to be donated to. You can choose from Toys for Tots, Expect Miracles Foundation, Semper Fi, One Simple Wish, Save the Children, or Lucile Packard. At only $19.99 for baby bears and $29.99 for premium bears, that is a great deal knowing you are buying one and giving one.. two bears working to change the world with every purchase! I bet you didn’t know a simple teddy could do that did you? Check out Bears for Humanity online to see each of the bears and fun accessories you can order. You can also keep up with them on Facebook and Twitter as well! You can also check out this video for more info on Bears for Humanity and their mission!

Bears For Humanity from Vijay Prathap on Vimeo.

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