Big Boss Oil-Less fryer Review

I was recently given the opportunity to review the Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer. You may have seen it on T.V. a time or two. You can fry food with little to no oil, no need to preheat, cooks 3x faster, and you can cook meals in just minutes with a combination of halogen convection, and infrared heating. I have seen this and other versions from different manufacturers on TV and have wanted to order time and time again but haven’t in fear of wasting my money. So, how did this experience pan out?

big boss oil-less fryer Well for starters, I am a person who LOVES fried food. Guilty as charged. You fry it and it becomes my secret heaven. My deep fryer recently hit the dust and I was so depressed to have to bake my french fries! It just wasn’t my cup of tea! But, I also know I need to start eating healthier so I was excited with the possibility of having my fries taste as if I had fried them, but not be soaked in oil! I opened the box and was pretty shocked by the size of the Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer. It is more than half the size of my toddler! This is one of those things you may want to think of a storage solution BEFORE buying it. (At this moment, it is sitting on top of my washer because it is too big to fit in any of my cabinets) It is pretty heavy duty though and doesn’t appear to be a cheap made product. You get the base, a huge glass cooking dish, 2 wire racks in different sizes, a mesh rack, the top with the heating element and timer, a set of tongs, an extender ring, an oil sprayer bottle, and a user manual as well as a recipe book. It is very simple to put together and ready to cook in no time.

big boss oil-less fryer2

So the first meal I cooked was a whole chicken and some fries. I looked through the recipe book and didn’t really see anything on cooking a whole chicken and apparently I didn’t read the instruction manual well enough (I missed the notes section!) I put my chicken in on the time and temperature required and went to clean house. I kept checking back to see it cook through. The smell in the house was amazing. But my issue was that it put off an insane amount of heat. I didn’t expect it to warm my entire kitchen like it did. Definitely not a plus in the summer months. When the timer beeped, I checked my chicken with a meat thermometer. The breast was 20 degrees higher than it should have been and the thighs were no where near done. The only option I had was to flip it and cook it more (which ended up at a total of 1.5 hours before it was done! Apparently this may have been user error as I was informed the manual states to start a whole chicken breast side down and flip halfway. Outside of that the chicken was delicious. There wasn’t a crispy skin though (I even tried to remove the extender ring to get the heat source closer to crisp it) it turned out more like a roasted chicken but still an easy meal and a very juicy chicken and I loved that all the fat and grease dripped off in cooking! Great healthy alternative.

big boss oil-less fryer3

The fries, well I just did my basic frozen fries and the cooking time on the package. Not sure why but that definitely wasn’t long enough. in fact I had to add 6 more minutes to the cooking time to have them cooked through. (definitely quicker in the oven) I have cooked fries in it multiple times and this is the case consistently. BUT they do come out crispier than baking in the oven so I can give a little to accomplish crispy fries without the grease!

big boss oil-less fryer4

The Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer overall is a decent product with good potential. I’m not sure I would call it a fryer in my opinion as most everything I have cooked tends to be more of a baked consistency other than the fries. You can’t really cook fried chicken unless you follow their recipe (corn flakes as a batter, which is the baked version of fried chicken momma always made growing up so again.. more baking than frying) **note to self, do NOT try to make a flour based batter as you may do for frying chicken… that will be a failure!*** There is a learning curve on the timing and temperature setting but once figured out it isn’t to bad. I can’t say this is something I will use on a regular basis but it will be great to have around during the holidays or any time I need extra oven space to cook multiple parts of a meal at once.

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11 Responses to Big Boss Oil-Less fryer Review

  1. Michelle G says:

    I’m a tater tot fan and this sounds like they would end up with that baked taste…nope, not for me lol Thank you for your honesty with the product review:)
    Check out Michelle G’s awesome new post here! Prayers for ConnecticutMy Profile

  2. Laura S says:

    I’m loving the picture of the semi more healthy fries doused in cheese and bacon, LOL. Great review!

  3. Katharina says:

    This is exciting to me… I love deep fried food, too, but haven’t cooked any of it for a long time because I didn’t want to be serving unhealthy food to my family. I didn’t know there was a product that uses little or no oil like this and I’m going to be checking into some of these oil-less fryers! ~Katharina

  4. Jo says:

    I did not get enough information with my manual…where would I find aguide to cooking more than one item at atime…such as roast pork and baked potatoes…

  5. sam says:

    You can easily achieve better-for-you frying by substituting coconut oil for any other oil you may use.

  6. Deno Poulos says:

    1300 watt Halogen bulb? Have to ship back for replacement?
    It’s like cooking in a tanning bed, or a Kenner Easy Bake Oven. Remember that?
    Marketing makes it look great. I bet after a couple of uses that it will end up in the basement or garbage can.
    Save your money and yourself. Start cooking sensibly.
    Happy New Year!

  7. Laura says:

    You may have received a defective product. My dad loves these as seen on TV products. He bought me a Nuwave years ago that I really did love and use constantly. I broke the knob off of it and rigged it for years. This year, he got me the Big Boss because he loved that this one supposedly cleans itself and that the dome is glass (his Nuwave’s plastic shattered because he just wore it out). I found with both the Nuwave and the Big Boss one thing they excel at is heating frozen foods. They cook them in less time than the oven. If you follow the packaging instructions, the food comes out edible, but well done. I was amazed that your frozen food actually took longer!

  8. Annie says:

    I frankly love this product. If one reads the manual carefully there are different cooking instructions if cooking chicken from frozen or not frozen also by weight. My chicken (both times) came out with nice tasty crispy skin and I used the drippings in the bottom to make a delicious gravy. I’ve made several things in this and some things you do need to cook a bit longer than the book says, but other things are perfect. I love this and have absolutely nothing negative to say about it.

  9. Robin says:

    I fried chicken in my big boss and they came out crispy the suggested cook time was incorrect I had to double the cook time and flip the chicken. Nice meal I had this evening.

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