Blue’s Clues: Get Clued Into School On DVD March 10!

“Here’s the mail, it never fails. It makes me want to wag my tail. When it comes I want to wail – Maaaaaaail!” Yes, I will admit, I was a HUGE Blue’s Clues fan when I was younger. There was just something I have always loved about that show. My step son went through a stage of loving it and now my toddler loves it. All these years later, it is still a ht to every kid I know. That says a lot! It’s fun, catchy, and kids are learning without really knowing they are learning. And tomorrow, there is a new DVD coming out! Three DVDs in one great set! We received a copy for review and of course, we love it!

blues clues

Blue invites fans to jump in and learn shapes, colors and letters in this new DVD featuring everyone’s favorite problem-solving pup!
Blue’s Clues: Get Clued Into School Pack takes fans to school for over four and a half hours of educational entertainment.

Release Date: March 10,2015
Suggested Retail: $16.99

Blue’s Clues: Get Clued Into School Pack includes the following:

DISC 1 – Alphabet Power
· The Power of the Alphabet
· The Alphabet Train
· Let’s Write!
· Magenta’s Messages
Bonus Features:
· Doodle, Doodle…Spell! Game
· 2 Blue’s Room Spots: “Letter L with Liam” and “Alphabet Playdate”
· Nicktrition Tips for Parents

DISC 2 – Blue Takes You To School
· Blue Takes You To School
· Numbers Everywhere
· Blue’s ABCs: Pre-Reading
· Math!
Bonus Features:
· Blue’s School Search Game
· Oobi – Bathtub

DISC 3 – Shapes and Colors
· Shape Searchers
· Colors Everywhere!
· Adventures in Art
· What Does Blue Want to Make?
Bonus Features:
· Parents’ Guide: Color and Shape Searchers Game
· Oobi: Dance

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