Boca Beth Spanish Learning- Holiday Gift Guide Review

I was recently approached by Boca Beth to review one of their early learning systems for my children. Of course, I thought this was a great idea. My sister just got married to a guy who’s primary language is Spanish so it would be really cool if not only my kids, but I could learn a little bit of the language for family gatherings. Boca Beth is a revolutionary learning system that focuses on being a true bilingual learning system perfect for infants through elementary aged children. It incorporates English right along with the Spanish learning so that those who are still learning their native language can easily learn both together! I think this is such a fun way to go about learning. Starting at such a young age makes this easily obtainable with the fun songs, videos, and coloring pages to incorporate the lessons. I received the Boca Beth beginner back pack set for review.

boca beth beginner back pack

This set comes with a mini maraca, My First Songs in Spanish CD, I like Animals DVD, and a learning workbook all packed into an adorable, brightly colored back pack. I love that the pack is small enough that even the youngest children can carry it around easily. My youngest loves watching DVD’s so we decided to start with the I Like Animals DVD. We popped it in and sat back to see what Boca Beth had to offer. I have to admit it was rather cute. The DVD is bilingual, so there are English and Spanish language throughout the entire thing. For instance, the song 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed would start in English, then at 4 it would switch to Spanish, at 3 back to English and so on. Some of the lessons wouldn’t keep my toddlers attention long enough, but at the end of each there is a song and he loved watching them. You could tell the little gears in his head were ticking putting together the words.

boca beth contents

The music CD is probably my favorite. It is also bilingual. There are 14 songs on it that teach children basics such as colors,numbers, and days of the week along with greetings and manner words. The beats are very catchy and my little one loves dancing around to them. He even gets excited and grabs the maraca and starts shaking around the house.

boca beth music

The coloring and activity book was another favorite. My son loves to color so this easily gets his attention. Each page has a cute photo (many with the little Boca Beth duck character!) The text below the photo tells you the word in both languages so you can practice words while coloring. This is great because my son is a visual person and will see the words and images together and slowly start picking up on them. If you proceed to the back of the book, there is a page that has the words along with the pronunciation key so that you can ensure you are pronouncing it correctly. ( a plus for me because I still get turned around when reading some of it.)

boca beth activity book

Overall, I really think the Boca Beth Bilingual Learning System is going to be really helpful around here. My son is a bit young and hasn’t completely grasped the concept of 2 languages, but it is already striking his interest and I love that I am learning right along with him instead of just teaching him something I already know! Check out all of the other great products and gift sets Boca Beth has to offer on their website. Make sure to follow Boca Beth on Facebook and Twitter as well and check back here on November 29 for a chance to win your own Boca Beth Beginner Back Pack!

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