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We are a really big meat eating family. There is some form of meat at every meal. I think my husband would disown me if I ever told him I was giving up meat. So, when I was given the opportunity to review Burgers’ Smokehouse’s delicious smoked meats, I was more than excited. I must admit, I had a lot crossing my mind wondering how well meat would ship in the mail. I have always just purchased it at a local grocer. But, when my package arrived I was pleasantly surprised. It was packaged very well in a very thick styrofoam package with ice packs inside so all the meat was still nice and cold. I received 3 packages of bacon and 2 packages of ribs (one baby back and one sauced baby back rib) My mouth was watering just looking at it!

rib package

Of course, we instantly changed dinner plans that night! I cooked up both packs of baby back ribs. They were thawed when I received them so no worries on having to thaw it. There was a little flyer inide that stated how to reheat the ribs in the oven or grill. It was raining so I just went with the oven. I laid them flat on a baking sheet, poured the extra sauce from the package onto the sauced ribs, lightly covered with foil and baked them. The house smelled so amazing as they were cooking!


I wasn’t sure what to expect flavor wise but I must say both were absolutely amazing! They fell off the bone instantly and were so moist and tender. The dry rubbed ribs were great, but I think we were all in agreement that the sauced baby back ribs were simply amazing. The flavor of the sauce was outstanding and it just made the perfect meal! I have cooked ribs at home many times and my 11 year old loves them. But that night, he told me he just wants these from now on. He even went on to say they were better than the ribs at Applebees that he is in love with. Score! They went perfect with baked beans and mac and cheese! I know we will absolutely be ordering more of these!

rib meal

Bacon… this is something we have in our house constantly. If my husband had his way I would have a pack of bacon cooked every single day! I HATE COOKING BACON! It shrivels up, it pops me, I can never get it to cook evenly. It drives me insane. I don’t know why it is so hard for me to cook it, but it is one skill I have never mastered. Of course I dreaded cooking 3 packs of bacon, but I went for it anyway. I started with the original country bacon.



It smelled amazing and the pieces were cut perfectly so they came apart with no problem. This may be the first bacon I ever had that cooked evenly! The pieces stayed nice and flat. They kept their shape and did not shrivel up. When you bit into it, you got a nice crunch with a deliciously salty smoked flavor that you can’t get from just ANY bacon. Burgers’ Smokehouse really won me over with this! I could eat it every single day!


I also received the applewood smoked bacon and the pepper coated country bacon. The applewood was good and had a nice mellow flavor. It would be great to make something like bacon wrapped salmon (too bad I did’t think of that before cooking it!) The pepper bacon was also really delicious. It had a nice bold pepper flavor with spicy chunks of cracked pepper. I wasn’t very creative cooking with them because the weather has had me a little out of it lately, but next time I have the peppered bacon, I will be using it as crumbles in my potato salad and my baked beans! It would make the perfect addition!

I would highly recommend Burgers’ Smokehouse to anyone looking for high quality, delicious meat selections! They have a large variety of smoked meats from the ribs and bacon to hams, turkeys, and sausage. They even have desserts! I am thinking I may have to order a ham for Christmas. If there ham is anything like the baby back ribs and bacon I sampled, my guests will be more than happy to eat it! Check out their full selection of items online and make sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter  to keep up with giveaways, sales, and more!

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