Busch Gardens #ChristmasTown and Santa’s Fireside Feast!

Disclosure: As a Busch Gardens blogger with Mom Central, I had the chance to attend the Busch Gardens Christmas Town Preview event with my family. All opinions are my own!

I recently had an amazing opportunity to attend an event at Busch Gardens Williamsburg that I have wanted to attend for many years! Living in Richmond, VA you always hear about the great seasonal fun at Busch Gardens. I have heard so much about Christmas Town that it was on my list of must do’s with my children. That dream came true this year and I must say it was even better than I could have ever imagined! My family and I attended opening night at Christmas Town. For the first year ever, they had a lighting ceremony! We started our evening in Germany at O’Tannenbaum Tree in front of Das Festhaus. There was beautiful music, a lighting ceremony and then the park lit up! The minute the lights were on, the park took on a look I had never seen before!


There were so many lights. Lights EVERYWHERE! More than 8 million of them to be exact! Trees, decorations, Christmas Shops, anything you can imagine seeing, for the holidays was there! Not all of the rides are open of course, but the way those unopened rides were transformed was simply amazing! Take the Escape from Pompei for example. It was breath taking with the white and blue lights shining bright!


Each area of the park had many lights to help bring out that countries theme. As we headed into Ireland for our Fire Side Feast with Santa, my little one was filled wit wonder! He was born on St. Patrick’s Day, so seeing all of the green and shamrocks really made his day.  Once he realized we were heading to Castle O’Sullivan for dinner with Santa, he couldn’t contain his excitement!


I wasn’t sure what to expect with the Fireside Feast. I had looked into it in the past and just from a glance it seemed a little pricey. Having to purchase the tickets separate from park admission makes it seem like something you may need to skip if you are on a budget. I have to say, in the future, I will be saving up to experience this each year! As we walked in the Castle O’Sullivan, it was a Christmas dream! The decor was so stunning! The tables were number for each reservation, the stage was set for Santa as well as a nice theatrical show to go with it. There were even elves that showed such a passion for their job! This little fellow here had more energy than any actor I had ever seen. He cracked jokes with the kids and truly brought out the Christmas spirit. If my little one doubted elves before now, he truly looks up to them now!


Of course a “feast” includes lots of food. The Fireside Feast at Christmas Town did not disappoint! There was a full buffet. The food choices included all the traditional Christmas options such as turkey, potatoes, gravy, mac and cheese, rolls, vegetables, and the most delicious meatballs! Have a picky eater? There were plenty of chicken nuggets to keep them happy! During dinner, Santa and the elves put on a show. There were silly elf moments, Mrs. Claus showed up, and Santa read The Night Before Christmas.


Once the children were done eating, they had the chance to visit with Santa! We loved the unique choice of Santa outfit to match the Ireland theme. Santa was delightful and took photos and seemed to enjoy himself just as much as the children did!


We were going to catch a show after, but the boys were starting to get cold and tired so we had to work our way back out of the park. I wish we had had more time to visit each area because what we did get to see was just perfection! There were so many shows we missed viewing, like Scrooge No More. We missed the penguins, yes real live penguins!



There is just so much to do and see that you might just have to visit on more than one occasion! Lucky for you, they offer the fun card! Pay a one day admission and visit as many times as you’d like this season! I can say this would absolutely be in your best interest because it is that amazing! I can not wait to take my family back! Looking to capture even more amazement with your visit? Make sure to check back tomorrow to read my post on the Christmas Town PhotoKey available to capture memories throughout the park! Another great value! Add in a few reusable Hot Cocoa Mugs, some warm winter clothes, and your family is set to create one memory they will never forget!


Busch Gardens Williamsburg will be transformed into Christmas Town Friday through Sunday through December a well as week days December 15 through 31 excluding Christmas day so you have plenty of time left to plan that visit! Make sure to follow Busch Gardens on Facebook as well to keep up with info and even a few contests and giveaways from time to time!


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