Capture those #ChristmasTown Memories with PhotoKey!

Disclosure: As a Busch Gardens blogger with Mom Central, I had the chance to attend the Busch Gardens Christmas Town Preview event with my family. All opinions are my own!

Over the weekend, I wrote about my amazing experience at Busch Gardens Williamsburg Christmas Town. We had such a blast! Of course I felt the need to take a million photos of our experience, kids, lights…. but there was something missing from those photos… ME! That seems to be a common theme with moms. We are always on the taking end of the photos and before we know it we have albums of “family photos” that don’t include us! Sure you can try “selfies” but yeah, we know those are lame! I was so excited to see Busch Gardens offer a new solution to combat this! And just in time for Christmas Town, where we NEED to be in on those photos! I was offered a single day PhotoKey pass as part of my package visit to review. This is genius!

photokey online

With PhotoKey, you can purchase a one day pass for $35 or a premium pass. $60 (usable any days(s) you attend Busch Gardens Williamsburg Christmas Town. ) You will create an account on the PhotoKey Website and the pass will be connected to that email account. Each time you see a photo station with  PhotoKey symbol, you can get the photographer to scan your pass and then take photos of you. You don’t pay anything and no need to order anything from those photographers. Once the photos are uploaded by the station, you can access them online via a computer or through an App for your phone! Once you log in, you will see all of the photos taken. Sometimes they are there instantly, sometimes it takes a while for them to show.


If you see each photo on the home page, you will notice buttons below them. You can then share your photos on Facebook, Twitter or Myspace and you can download the image for yourself. (To share on any network, print, email, etc) See an image you really like? You can click on it and be taken to a page to order different products with that image! There is everything from photo prints and mugs to apparel and bedding. A simple way to view and create from those memories you made!


This was just perfect for me. Since I am rarely in a family photo, it was nice to be on the opposite end, have photo memories INCLUDING me, and not have to worry about losing them since they are online any time I need to access them! Before now, I wouldn’t have been able to be in this photo with Santa, I’d be mom taking it.


What about the family photo at the entrance to Busch Gardens Williamsburg? I could inconvenience a stranger and ask them if they have time to photo us. But normally it is just the kids and husband. I loved seeing all of us together for this! Even better, there were 2 photographers able to get different angles, and I was able to have all of the photos and not just the best one!


There are multiple photo opportunities throughout the park that you can access with your PhotoKey Pass. These include:

  • Front Gate Photo (Fountain)
  • Highland Stables (Scotland)
  • Polar Pictures (Polar Pathway in Italy)
  • Frosty Friend Photo (Festa Italia)
  • Christmas Carriage (Big Ben in England)
  • O Tannenbaum (Oktoberfest)
  • Verbolten (Oktoberfest)
  • Pierre & Penelope Photo (France)


I din’t have a chance to make it to all of them unfortunately, but next time I will plan better! Overall I feel like I had absolutely received my moneys worth having photographers along for the day. It costs no more than a family photo shoot would, you have lots of great photos ops, and once they are online, they are yours to keep! If you are heading out to Christmas Town, this is a truly unique opportunity that I really think my mommy readers and friends should absolutely check out! You won’t regret it!

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