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Magic Forest Introduces Moulin Roty’s Newest Line, Les Cousins!

moulin roty shape sorter

I love to experience fun, vintage style toys with my son. In a world that has been taken over with technology, it is nice to have basic toys with real teaching concepts. That’s why I love having the chance to work with Magic Forest! They know the importance of great quality toys for young minds! Magic Forest goes above and beyond to bring the U.S. the best toys they can from top companies. They have imported many great products from Moulin Roty in the past and I am excited to share about a great new product! Moulin Roty has a new line just in time for Spring, called Les Cousins. This line includes an adorable collection of farm animals with a French twist. Included items are the duck ring rattle, Hen Lovey, and activity Donkey, all fun plush style toys with added features to get even the youngest to interact … read more

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Let’s Play School with Nenuco Baby Doll!

nenuco school desk

Baby dolls are a wonderful way to teach young girls responsibility and life skills without them even knowing they are learning. Nenuco has taken this one step further and actually included learning into the fun! s a child I loved to play school. There is just something rewarding about sitting down and taking the role of teaching someone else into your own hands. Nenuco now has a baby doll that allows your little one to do just that. We received the Nenuco Let’s Play School doll for review and absolutely love it! The Let’s Play School doll is a great quality just like all of the other Nenuco Baby Dolls. It is a 16.5 inch doll that is sure to make any little girl happy. She comes dressed in a adorable little school girl outfit complete with plaid skirt, button down shirt and tie, and even a cute little pair … read more

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Prepare Your Little All Star with Baby Fanatic!

baby essentials logo

Baseball… it’s the one sport you can always count on to welcome Spring. Whether you have a husband who watches the games or a little one playing the game, it’s one sport many of us will always know. Of course that means many of us will be on the search for gear that fits even the tiniest members or our family to show our support! It can be hard to find items for our teams when it comes to babies, but Baby Fanatic has that covered! They have so may adorable items that you are sure to find just the right thing! There are cups, bottles, pacifiers, bibs in all your favorite teams! I don’t have a little one who needs any of those items, but what I do have is friends with little ones and friends with babies on the way! A friend of mine is pregnant now and … read more


Caillou Talking Doll, In Stores now (and super cute!)

caillou doll play

If you have a toddler, you may be familiar with the show Caillou. It seems to be one of those either you love it or you hate it shows. I just started seeing it in the last year and must admit I was rather amazed to know it has been around for 25 years. How have I never see it until now?? My son loves the show. I have learned to love it. In the beginning I thought he was a horribly whiny child and would not allow the show on the main TV. So he would watch it in his room. I realized I was being unfair in teaching him to judge like that, so I decided to start watching it with him. It’s not as bad as it seems. Once you start to watch it, you understand that is is simply a young child who is learning to … read more

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I am the mother of a super hero thanks to Everfan!

everfan cape

My three year old has a very active imagination. Once he sees something on television, he remembers it and sooner or later he decides to act it out. In the last few moths superheroes have been his big thing. I can be cooking dinner and all I hear is “Momma! Look at me! I a super hero!” and as I look he is jumping off the sofa trying to fly. Other times he is trying to pick up the dog to save him from danger. We used to tie a blanket around his shoulders as a cape. Now, we have an amazing full super hero costume from Everfan! It’s one thing to have a cape and be a super hero. But it takes on a whole new level when you have arm bands and a face mask to complete the look! He has absolutely LOVED his Everfan super hero cape. … read more