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School’s in Session, but Kids Still Need to Play! Rockboard Scooters Review & Giveaway

School may be back in session, but that does not mean play time needs to end. In fact, it is even MORE important to make sure your little ones have time to play during the school year as they spend so much time cramped behind a small desk. Physical activity is important to keep those brains sharp and bodies fit. But how do you encourage kids to get out and play? Especially teens who may just want to sit in front of a video game system? You get them an awesome toy that MAKES them move. Need a little recommendation? Look no further than the Rockboard RBX scooter! We recently received this item for review purposes from Rockboard and it was a huge hit with my 13 year old! So what is a Rockboard Scooter exactly? Well, its a scooter of course. But not just any scooter. It is NOT … read more


New Season, New Shoes: Pediped Helps Us Get Ready for Fall!

Fall is officially here! I absolutely love it. Its so funny how the weather here seems to change almost instantly as the season changes. I think we went from sandals and shorts to pants and shoes with no warning. Even worse? when your little one grows just as fast as the seasons change! Time for new clothes and shoes! What better way to bring in Fall than with a review of a cute pair of shoes from Pediped’s new fall line up. Their latest collection has such cute choices from Mary Janes to sneakers. Whether you want comfortable, every day style shoes or dressy styles perfect for school and holiday photos, they have you covered. We received these adorable dress shoes for review and they are perfect for my little one starting preschool! This is the Flex Alex style. Flex is their line of shoes for the “confident walker” or … read more

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Bears for Humanity, Changing the World, Two Teddy Bears at a time!

How can a teddy bear (or two) change the world? It seems like a silly statement to make. But in the case of Bears for Humanity, Teddy truly is making a difference! You see, all kids, and even many adults love a nice, soft teddy bear. We buy them for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, sick family and friends in the hospital… and they are always cherished. What if every time you bought a bear for someone dear to you, a bear was given to someone who may not otherwise be receiving a bear but could so desperately use one to cheer them up during the darkest of times in their life? A child moving from home to home in foster care, a veteran returning home from a stressful tour (or a verteran’s child whose father who will never return) or a child from a low income family who just wishes … read more

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Welcome (and explain!) the new seasons with Sevi Magnetic Play Sets!

“Mom, can we go to the pool this weekend?!” No sweetie, the pools are closed. “what?!  Why are they closed?!” Because summer is over. “Oh yay! does that mean it’s going to snow?! I love the snow!” Ahh, the joys of a curious preschooler trying to decipher between the seasons. Now that autumn is officially upon us, I find myself constantly explaining the correct activities, clothing, weather expectations, upcoming holidays… it can be a daunting task with a four year old who wants to know it all, but hasn’t quite grasped the concept of season quite yet. Thanks to Sevi, Europe’s oldest wooden toy manufacturer (they have been around 184 years now!) I am now working to teach him everything he wants to know about the seasons. Sevi recently released an awesome line of magnetic play sets that include themes of seasons, circus, faces, fashion and more. And thanks to … read more

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Cruise in Style with Modarri’s Newest Toy Car Additions

Creating, building, taking things apart, and toy cars all seem to be a part of every little boys day to day life. Whether it’s Lego bricks, match box cars, or even simple building blocks, this all starts from a very early age. But what happens as they get a little older and feel like the “normal” everyday toys that have been around since WE were kids just aren’t as fun anymore? You introduce them to Modarri and they start their love all over again! I have reviewed a few different Modarri cars in the past and they have been a huge hit in our house. But I have to say, they really hit the nail on the head this time around! They recently released two new cars to their line up, the S1 Beach Cruzer (this is likely a big hit with young ladies who love cars as well) and … read more