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The Young Scientists Club, Clifford Animal Science Kit

clifford animal science

As a stay at home mom, I always strive to teach my son as much as I can. I know he needs to learn so many things before he starts school and if I am not going to put him in preschool, I need to make sure he learns those things. So we put a lot of emphasis on making sure to learn something new every day. He is so young that his brain just absorbs everything! We have truly come to love the products offer by the Young Scientists Club. Their mission is to combine fun and learning to teach young children about the amazing world of science. And in our house, they have done just that. A few weeks ago we had a blast with food experiments with the Clifford Food Science Kit. We recently received another Clifford science kit and love it just as much! The Clifford … read more

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This HAS to be the Cutest Police Costume EVER!

police on call

My son LOVES pretend play. Any time he gets the chance to dress and act like another person or character he is so excited. We have a drawer of costumes from super heroes to mickey mouse and more. Recently he has had a big interest in careers and learning what it’s like to grow up and be someone who can help others. He especially loves to pretend to be a cop. So, he was really excited to check out the cop costumes from Wholesale Costume Club! He now has all the gear to be the best little police ever! We chose the Junior Police Costume and couldn’t have been happier! When I first saw the price I was a little concerned if it would be worth the price but those concerns have flew out the window! This costume is awesome and quite frankly my favorite he has ever owned! Not … read more

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Delta Childrens Furniture, Canton/Eclipse Dresser Review

delta dresser in room

I pride myself on being as thrifty as possible. I love to save money any way possible. BUT, when it comes to things like nursery furniture I know it is best to spend the extra money for a quality product. Otherwise you end up with junk and will just be buying another item anyway and that is not very thrifty! When I had my son 3 years ago, I easily chose a Delta crib. I knew the name was quality and I loved the design. Fats forward 3 years and it is now time for a real dresser.My son has collected enough clothes that a small changing table/drawer combo isn’t big enough. I wanted a product that would last for years to come. I knew it had to be Delta! I absolutely loved their Canton/Eclipse Dresser in black. I received the dresser very quickly and couldn’t wait to get started … read more


Motorworks Fuel and Shine Station and NextGen Car

playing motorworks

With two boys in the house, I see a TON of cars. Seriously, we have to have hundreds of them here in all shapes and sizes. I’m never really too impressed with them but the boys have to pick up very little dollar car they can find! So when we had the chance to review a few items from Motorworks with Manhattan Toy Company I knew the boys would just love it! We received the NGX NextGen Stock Car as well as the Fuel-n-Shine Station. From the start I knew these would be perfect. I LOVE wooden toys. If I could only have wooden toys for them, that’s probably all we would own! There is just something perfect and unique about the craftsmanship of wooden products and Motorworks did not disappoint! We have owned cars from them before but never a building! The Fuel-n-Shine Station is just awesome!  It includes … read more


Explore your building creativity with Guillow Airplane Design Studio!

Guillow Design Studio

I’m sure you have seen my reviews in the past with Guillow model planes. My boys absolutely love making and flying them! The only thing my oldest would love to change was that each kit is designed to specifically replicate a particular plane. You have instructions and pieces in which you follow and build exactly what it specifies. He is one who LOVES to create. (a reason we have managed to collect thousands upon thousands of Lego bricks in the last 11 years!) Well, his wish has now come true! (and the look of excitement on his face is one I really wish I had a camera ready to capture!) In comes…. Guillow Airplane Design Studio! Yes, you saw that right! This is a super cool product that has unlimited capabilities when given to a child with an active imagination. It offers everything you love from the basic Guillow Balsa … read more