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Ozobot-The Game Piece With A Brain!


HI, my name is Amber and I LOVE “techie” toys. I have always been big into computers, programming, coding… my goal in life is to one day work in IT. Both of my boys have also started showing a huge interest as well. They see me blogging and try to understand some of the small coding involved and always question things. It is hard to teach young children all of this. There has to be something that can start their minds on this track in life right? Absolutely! Meet Ozobot. To some it is a game piece. Some see it as a robot. Others like myself see it as an opportunity to shape a young mind and help to build the lifelong dream to learn programming. I really wish Ozobot had been around when I was younger. I received a two pack of this amazing creation from Evollve, Inc to … read more

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Modarri Toy Cars Review

modarri cars

With two boys in the house, we own a ridiculous amount of toy cars. The collection started way back when my oldest was abut 3 or 4 and has just grown since then. Boys love cars. My only issue is that no matter how many we add, they all seem to be the same. Either they are run by remote or they are 1 of a gazillion matchbox cars that all do the exact same thing and just have different looks to them. The boys don’t mind and would continue adding to this. S, when I heard about a new line of cars released from Modarri that would reinvent the toy car world, I had to check them out. This new line of cars comes in Street Car, Track Car, and Dirt Car versions as well as a fun DIY car. You can see below from left to right is … read more


Brilliant Sky Brilliance Award Toys Review and Giveaway


As a mom, I love small toy shops. Yes, they don’t carry quite the selection that a big chain store does, but the selection they do offer can be very unique and fun. I love to step outside the box and check out toys you don’t see advertised all over the place. Brilliant Sky Toys and Books is the perfect example. They have 17 stores in the US and offer great quality toys. I wasn’t aware of this, but each year they choose a list of their favorite toys and dub them with the “Brilliance Award”. I think it is pretty cool to see the options they choose as top toys compared t what you would see at chain stores (you know, the items you see EVERYWHERE and get tired of seeing) I had an amazing opportunity to check out a few of the Brilliant Sky Brilliance Award winners for … read more


Stuck on Fun with PomTree

pom pom 4

We LOVE doing crafts. I do an at home preschool for my 3 year old and his favorite part of the day is craft time. It is always fun and f course it promotes creativity. The only part I hate is the clean up afterwards. how do we have glue all over everything, glitter can be fund for days, and I am stepping on googly eyes every time I take a step. I was so excited when I found out there is a company that creates fun crafts with minimal clean up and everything you need in one box! PomTree has created multiple craft activities that your kids will love and you won’t mind cleaning up after! I received the following 3 kits to review and I have to say craft time is so much more fun. First, we decided to make the puppy (who would have guessed right? my … read more


Wikki Stix One of a Kind Piggy Bank

piggy bank

I grew up in a very low income family. We were taught to be as thrifty as possible to ensure our immediate needs were met. We knew the value of a dollar and really considered ourselves lucky when we had a dollar to save. My husband however doesn’t have quite the money saving experience I do. His oldest has followed in his footsteps as a result and the minute he has a dollar, he is itching to spend it. I’m slowly working to change that but its hard to change! So with my toddler, I know it needs to be started now. He needs to know how to save money especially in today’s economy. We were recently given the chance to partner with Wikki Stix to review one of their awesome, one of a kind creatable piggy banks and I knew this would be the perfect chance to start teaching! … read more

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