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Green Hulk Smoothie with Fresh Fruit & Veggies!

green smoothie

One of my favorite things about the summer is perfectly ripe, fresh fruit! I know you can buy most fruit all year long, but there is just something perfect about it in the summer! Another thing I love is a delicious, cold smoothie on a hot and humid morning. Even better? Tricking your kids into enjoying an amazingly healthy smoothie chock full of vitamins and minerals of every kind and them thinking it is the most delicious thing ever! My 11 year old even said “You can make this every morning and I will drink it!” (he had no idea it had veggies in it when this picture was taken!) We decided to call this the “Green Hulk Smoothie” because of course it is green and he says it will make you big and string like the hulk if you drink this healthy drink daily!  I love that I was … read more

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Motorworks Fuel and Shine Station and NextGen Car

playing motorworks

With two boys in the house, I see a TON of cars. Seriously, we have to have hundreds of them here in all shapes and sizes. I’m never really too impressed with them but the boys have to pick up very little dollar car they can find! So when we had the chance to review a few items from Motorworks with Manhattan Toy Company I knew the boys would just love it! We received the NGX NextGen Stock Car as well as the Fuel-n-Shine Station. From the start I knew these would be perfect. I LOVE wooden toys. If I could only have wooden toys for them, that’s probably all we would own! There is just something perfect and unique about the craftsmanship of wooden products and Motorworks did not disappoint! We have owned cars from them before but never a building! The Fuel-n-Shine Station is just awesome!  It includes … read more


Explore your building creativity with Guillow Airplane Design Studio!

Guillow Design Studio

I’m sure you have seen my reviews in the past with Guillow model planes. My boys absolutely love making and flying them! The only thing my oldest would love to change was that each kit is designed to specifically replicate a particular plane. You have instructions and pieces in which you follow and build exactly what it specifies. He is one who LOVES to create. (a reason we have managed to collect thousands upon thousands of Lego bricks in the last 11 years!) Well, his wish has now come true! (and the look of excitement on his face is one I really wish I had a camera ready to capture!) In comes…. Guillow Airplane Design Studio! Yes, you saw that right! This is a super cool product that has unlimited capabilities when given to a child with an active imagination. It offers everything you love from the basic Guillow Balsa … read more


LACTAID® Makes Delicious French Toast! #BeyondLI #MC


I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for National Dairy Council and the LACTAID®Brand. I received product coupons from the LACTAID® Brand to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation. Lactose intolerance is something many people have to deal with! According to the National Dairy Council, getting three servings of low-fat or fat-free, nutrient-rich dairy foods every day plays a crucial role in helping to promote bone health, healthy blood pressure and a healthy weight. But how can you accomplish this if lactose, found in dairy products, makes you ill? People like myself find drinking milk and most dairy products seriously complicate their daily routines. Between the nauseating feeling, churning stomachs, and multiple bathroom breaks required to simply drink 1 cup of milk, we would be sick the rest of our lives! And I am one of … read more

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Good Cook- Add these Items to your Drawer Giveaway!

kitchen drawer

Have you have a chance to enter the Good Cook Kitchen Drawer Sweepstakes? It’s an awesome opportunity to win some great kitchen products! If you visit the Good Cook website you will see where to start building your drawer! If you choose to build your own, you can browse the site for items you would love to have in your drawer. When you find something you like, look for the big Add Me button to choose that item. Each drawer built can contain 15 items! Not sure what you want? you can choose from the kitchen expert drawers to find one you like! (You can check out my drawer by clicking the image below!) You can build a drawer each day for a chance to win an instant prize. At the end of the contest, 5 winners will receive all 15 items in their drawer (or the 15 items featured … read more

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