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Create Canvas Art With Your Photos With #CanvasHQ


I am a photo addict. I take a million photos a day, every day. Unfortunately, most of them are digital and sit on a memory card, on a computer or cell phone. Every now and then I find the perfect photo that I know I just have to print. And sometimes, that photo is just to perfect to be a regular print. We recently took a trip to DC and visited the National Zoo. I got one of those photos and couldn’t wait for the opportunity to get it printed! I knew I wanted a canvas print of it because it was perfect. I received an opportunity to review CanvasHQ and knew this photo would be on my wall! Tell me this isn’t adorable? CanvasHQ did an amazing job. The website is so simple to use. All you have to do is upload a photo from your computer or Facebook. … read more

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bobuCuisine Peeler Set

vegetable peeler

I have recently become pretty addicted to kitchen gadgets. Now that I am a stay at home mom, I have much more time to do things in the kitchen. Before now, I mainly had the basics. And a lot of the basics I had were just cheap, dollar store versions that didn’t work that great or broke easily, but I used so little that I was ok with it. Not now! I need products that will last. My vegetable peeler is one of the products I have battled with. The blades on the cheap ones go so quickly! I just can’t peel my vegetables and fruits with a knife (I am not one to trust with knives!) so I keep a peeler on hand. I just thought they all dull in no time. I was recently given the chance to review bobuCuisines peeler set and wanted to give it a … read more

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Delta Childrens Furniture, Canton/Eclipse Dresser Review

delta dresser in room

I pride myself on being as thrifty as possible. I love to save money any way possible. BUT, when it comes to things like nursery furniture I know it is best to spend the extra money for a quality product. Otherwise you end up with junk and will just be buying another item anyway and that is not very thrifty! When I had my son 3 years ago, I easily chose a Delta crib. I knew the name was quality and I loved the design. Fats forward 3 years and it is now time for a real dresser.My son has collected enough clothes that a small changing table/drawer combo isn’t big enough. I wanted a product that would last for years to come. I knew it had to be Delta! I absolutely loved their Canton/Eclipse Dresser in black. I received the dresser very quickly and couldn’t wait to get started … read more


Motorworks Fuel and Shine Station and NextGen Car

playing motorworks

With two boys in the house, I see a TON of cars. Seriously, we have to have hundreds of them here in all shapes and sizes. I’m never really too impressed with them but the boys have to pick up very little dollar car they can find! So when we had the chance to review a few items from Motorworks with Manhattan Toy Company I knew the boys would just love it! We received the NGX NextGen Stock Car as well as the Fuel-n-Shine Station. From the start I knew these would be perfect. I LOVE wooden toys. If I could only have wooden toys for them, that’s probably all we would own! There is just something perfect and unique about the craftsmanship of wooden products and Motorworks did not disappoint! We have owned cars from them before but never a building! The Fuel-n-Shine Station is just awesome!  It includes … read more


Wake Up On Time Pills Review & Giveaway

wake up pill

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. One of the hardest times in our house is first thing in the morning. My toddler wakes up bright and early telling us it is a sunny morning out and time to wake up. I don’t know where he gets it from because his daddy and I both like to sleep! I have my morning coffe and my husband drinks an energy drink every day the minute we wake to get ourselves together. Of course that helps but a while later you get the inevitable crash. Plus, really, it helps you once you are up, but it doesn’t really help you WAKE up. So I was excited to review Wake Up On Time. These are pills you are supposed to be able to take BEFORE BED to help wake up easier on the morning. That sounds really promising right?! So … read more

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