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Have you heard of Zaycon Foods?!


Disclaimer- Zaycon Foods provided me with complimentary products. The opinions I have expressed are my own. #ad I am pretty darn stoked right now. This week, I will be picking up my first ever order from Zaycon Foods! I was given the chance to review a case of Zaycon Chicken and I can not wait to check it out and cook up some amazing recipes with it. have you heard of Zaycon Foods before? If not, here’s a quick breakdown. For starters, they provide fresh, high quality product, straight from their suppliers, cutting out the middle man. That means no grocery store, no added processing, shipping, stocking costs for you to absorb. Plus fresher products on your table! You are only able to purchase from them in bulk, but that enables them to combine the buying power of many families together, enabling them to negotiate huge savings on food purchases for your … read more

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How to treat a burn


As a mom, you no doubt want to do all you can to protect your family from harm. The trouble is, no matter how hard you try, there is always a risk that an accident will happen – and burns are one household hazard you need to watch out for. In case one of your loved ones suffers an injury like this, it’s important that you have access to well stocked first aid kits, and you’ll also need to know exactly what to do. By acting fast and doing the right things, you can limit the amount of damage that burns cause to the skin. Things you can do at home First and foremost, you’ll need to stop the burning process. This may involve removing the person from the area, dousing a blaze or smothering flames with a blanket. Don’t put yourself at risk too though, otherwise you’ll only be … read more

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Types of Social Interactions Businesses Might Encounter

This infographic has some great information! As a consumer, I know I have been guilty or jumping on social media to voice my opinion many times. It wasn’t until i became a blogger that I realized just how deep the role of social media can play in a business.  I have watched businesses react rudely to a customers online complaint and result in an online bashing from MANY bloggers purposely highlighting the feud so that it reaches a much broader audience than it ever would have. Its a dangerous situation and can truly hurt a businesses reputation. The folks over at Ohio University have hit the nail on the head here. I’d say after reading their do’s and don’ts, anyone looking for a great Masters of Business Administration program should definitely consider Ohio University Online MBA. Looks like they will have any future business leader headed down the road to success … read more

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Spark the Imagination with Great Pretenders

super hero

My son has a very active imagination. He enjoys playing dress up and taking on personas of his favorite characters and superheros. All it takes is a mask and he can create an entire plot to act out. At the moment, one of his favorites is Spiderman. He had to have Spiderman pajamas, Spiderman shoes, and even a Spiderman book. He recently got the chance to review a cape and mask set from Great Pretenders that goes perfectly with all of this! The Spider Cape Set is a four piece set and includes the cape, mask, ad 2 wrist bands. I have to say, I have reviewed other capes and masks in the past and none have quite compares to this. The quality of this set is well beyond the $27 price tag. The mask is the perfect size for preschool age children.It is elastic so it holds in place … read more

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Learning about freezing rain… the hard way!


So, living in Virginia, we have the most insane weather patterns. It can be 60 one day and snowing the next. I’m used to that. What I am NOT used to is Winters like the one we experienced this year. It has been down right hell. I can not stand accumulating snow. It puts our state into a frenzy and brings on the calls for a state of emergency. 8 to 10 inches of snow closes our schools for a week straight. No lie! Lots of people lose power, there are hundreds of car accidents, and sadly people lose their lives when Virginia deals with this weather. Sometimes I wish I could hibernate through it all! But I can’t. And just when I thought we were in the clear FINALLY. I got a first hand science lesson that I apparently missed in school. There is this little thing called freezing … read more

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