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Let the Worry Eater Take Care of that Fear for you!

worry eater

As the mom of a young child, there is always one thing we have to learn how to conquer… a child’s fears. Many times, these can even be completely irrational and take some serious thought on HOW exactly to help them overcome something that we may find completely ridiculous. I mean the normal monsters in the closet, afraid of the dark, don’t want to be alone fears are bad enough but what about when your child is terrified of the sound of crickets at night (you can’t stop those!) a fly passing by can become a 4 year olds biggest fear and you’d think a giant shark just tried to swallow them whole.. but what can you do? I have had moments where I was at my breaking point trying to figure out ways to stop the irrational fears my toddler can create. Until we received Flint, our pirate Worry … read more

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Depression and medical treatment

Each era during human history brought its problems and obstacles. Today, we are living in a hectic, global society dominated by industrial production and big cities. In such a world it is hard to find your peaceful place where you can rest and relax. Furthermore, these big settlements brought about additional problem. We are no longer able to connect with our fellow men and we are living isolated despite enormous number people that surround us. Given that humans are social beings, it is hard for us to cope with this. As resistant as we can be, this can lead to various mental issues. Having that in mind, it is not wondering that depression in number one disease in world today. Depression can be defined as a low mood and lack of self-esteem. People suffering from this debilitating illness are no longer able to connect with other people and live in … read more

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12 tips for effectively cleaning sofas

fabric care

Sofas or couches are not just vulnerable to surface dusts, stains and dirt but grime may also become embedded into your couch fibers. Even if you are unable to see dirt, it’s there, so for the sake of hygiene and cleanliness, it’s extremely important to have upholstery cleaned regularly. Here are a few cleaning tips: Determine the type of sofa fabric Find the tag that shows what material your sofa cover is made of. This tag should contain instructions for what surface cleaning products you should use.  “w” means steam vacuum with water-based detergent “WS” means you may use either dry cleaning detergent or a steam-vacuum with water-based detergent. “S” means use only dry cleaning detergent “O” means material is organic, and therefore should be cleaned using cold water. “X” means use professional services for shampooing or vacuum & bristle-brush alone Remove loose stuff Grab all the items from your … read more

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Back to school in style with Locker Lookz


Its that joyous time of year again for us moms. School is about to start! Yippee! (shhh, don’t tell the kids I said that!) Honestly though, I do miss this time of year when I was a child. The excitement of new clothes and new shoes. I was one of those crazy kids who was beyond excited to to sit down with all my school supplies each year and organize them over and over while waiting for the summer to end. I couldn’t wait to take them and shove them in my locker. Then, once the school year started, I’d hate my locker and do anything I could to make it more exciting. I had photos of my friends, my crush, famous people.. Lots of cutting and scotch tape later I’d be halfway happy and call it a day. Boy do I wish Locker Lookz had been around back then! … read more

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Best Methods for Treating Common Pregnancy Issues

pregnant belly

Pregnancy…as beautiful as the process of a developing life is, you have to admit it can be difficult on the mothers to be. Your body is going through so many changes as it makes room for the growing baby, and unfortunately, there’s not much you can take to get rid of these aches, pains, and other common issues. While some mothers experience nothing more than a few stretch marks, growing breasts, and fatigue, there are those expectant mothers that go through everything from morning sickness, to heartburn, and even hemorrhoids and gestational diabetes. The good news is there are ways in which you can relieve some of these issues without the use of too many medications. Below are just a few solutions you might try to remedy any pregnancy related issues you’re having so that you can simply enjoy the bliss of having life inside of you. Bodily Aches and … read more

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