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Practical Gift Ideas for Christmas

tooth brush

Being an adult, Christmas isn’t as fun. We don’t always get the best gifts during the holidays. Who needs another ugly Christmas sweater? Or how about that tin of cookies your aunt made knowing you were working towards a healthier lifestyle? Jut HOW MUCH body wash and soap could one person need? So let’s talk a little about some more practical gift ideas. Of course, these items still aren’t things we’d LOVE to have, but may be items on the more expensive end of the spectrum that we just put off buying ourselves since we have kids who need a million gifts right? Electric Tooth Brushes We all know our dental health is important. But do you short yourself by using the cheap, manual brushes? Every dentist I have ever had recommends using electric tooth brushes for the best clean. I’m sure you’ve seen just how pricey they can be. … read more

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$125 Wall Decal Source Giveaway

Giveaway Sponsored by Wall Decal Source Giveaway Hosted by It’s a Mom Thing Reviews & More There are few things that are more fun than decorating your child’s bedroom and making it perfect just for them! Wall Decal Source will help you to personalize your child’s space! Their vinyl wall decals are incredibly detailed and unique! When you visit their shop you will find a decal that is perfect for every child’s tastes and likes ranging from animals, to skylines, and even to educational things like letters and numbers! Many of their decals can have their colors changed and even be personalized to have your child’s name on it. They truly take personalization to the next level. Now you have a chance to win a free decal of your choice (up to $125)! Enter the giveaway below! Entry-Form


Le Top Clothing Giveaway!

Giveaway Sponsored by Le Top Giveaway Hosted by It’s a Mom Thing Reviews & More Le Top, a family owned business, has been creating quality playwear for over 35 years. Their whimsical and timeless playwear reflects the joy and innocence of childhood. With sizes ranging from 3 months to 6x they have sizes for most young children. Their clothing also ranges in unique patterns and colors. All clothing from Le Top is known for their soft, natural fabrics that they design and manufacture themselves. When you visit Le Top’s website there are perfect outfits for all small children. There are a variety of colors and patterns and all of their clothing is so playful and fun! Now you have a chance to win an outfit of your choice! Be sure to enter the giveaway below! Entry-Form


Preparing for the Winter in 5 Easy Steps


Yes, I know. It seems that Fall just started and I am already talking about Winter. But if your area is anything like mine, Fall just means Winter mornings with Spring-like afternoons. The all day cold will be here before we know it. Now is the time to start preparing before it sneaks up on us! So what do we do here to prepare for Winter ahead of time? These simple steps prepare us yearly and let us enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer without all the stress. 1. Pull out those Winter clothes Yes, I know seeing them in your closet and packing your shorts is a sad time. But when it’s 80 degrees outside today and 35 in the morning, you will be thankful. Wash all of the clothing, donate items the kids have outgrown, and decide what you may need in the coming months. Does everyone … read more

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Vaping for Flavor without Nicotine


Many people are finding vaping to be effective for helping them to quit smoking cigarettes. There seems to be a lot of polarization over the use of these products, with many critics stating that vaping is dangerous and that they do not help people quit smoking. However, when you actually look into it yourself, you find that there have in fact been many studies around the world showing that vaping is a much safer alternative to smoking and that there are tons of people who have weaned themselves off cigarettes and reduced nicotine consumption with the help of e-cigs and related products. It’s definitely true that more studies should be conducted to determine any health risks associated with long-term vaping, but so far there is actually a growing consensus in the international medical community that e-cigs are much less dangerous than cigarettes and are an effective way to help people … read more

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