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How to Get Smoke Smell Out of Drapes


Whether you’re a smoker, quit smoking or would like to sell your house, getting smoke smells out of drapes can be tough and sometimes, expensive. Hauling your drapes off to the dry cleaner is not only time consuming, but costly. Pulling down the drapes and washing them could potentially ruin them if they’re not washable. There are several methods to help get the smoke smell out of drapes with minimal hassle. If it bothers you, your guests or family members, try e-cigarettes indoors, and smoke outdoors to avoid the odors. Ventilation As with anything that makes things smell, ventilation is an important step to getting smoke smells out of the house. You may wish to do this on a warm day. Pick a day when you’ll be home all day so you can enjoy the fresh air. • Open windows throughout the house. This will allow air circulation. Make sure … read more

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Take the DirectDrive Challenge and Win!

start trip

Disclaimer: I received a gift card for sharing this post. However, all opinions are my own! I spend a lot of time driving. Since my husband works so far away, he hates to drive and I am the one who does most of the driving on the weekends and anything that needs to be done during the week. I lie to think I am a pretty good driver seeing as I have never had a ticket or anything. I was curious to see what the DirectDrive Challenge would say about my driving. I wasn’t even sure I could get that answer without being a Direct Auto Insurance customer, but I can! And now, anyone who wants to take the challenge and see how well they drive can do so and even have a chance to win gift cards for doing so! I recently took the challenge myself and I’m pretty impressed! … read more

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We Will Be Showing Our #DisneySide This Weekend!

disney package

I was recently lucky enough to receive and amazing party pack courtesy of Disney to get my creative juices flowing and host a Disney Side Home Party. My son was so excited he stalked the mail every single day waiting for this package to see what was inside! He is a huge fan of Disney’s Cars movie and knowing our package was based on that theme just had him smiling ear to ear! Here’s our opening video! Afterwards, I will show you everything we received. OK, so this is everything in one big shot! So much stuff to use to show our friends how big our Disney Side is! Here’s the break down. For starters, you have to have decorations! Looks like those are all covered, streamers, snack stand, table cloth, place mats! Then, you can’t have a party without the necessities, plates, cups, napkins, snack bags and more. All … read more

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Take the Listerine 21 Day Challenge and Win Prizes!


As I was browsing my inbox this morning, I saw the Listerine 21 Day Challenge pop up! I love when they do these each year and my 3 year old has picked up such a healthy habit of brushing his teeth because of it. He is still a little too young to use mouthwash, but he loves the smell of it and thinks it is hilarious to brush his teeth while I swish Listerine®! I posted last year about this to make it known that not only does Listerine® have the mouthwash you have grown to love, but they also have mouthwash for children and even toothpaste (yes, I still use this stuff a year later! So happy my local Kroger store started carrying it!! So, of course i plan to participate in this challenge again this year! (this is not a sponsored post, I actually like these challenges!) I … read more

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How Baby Boomers Will Impact the Nursing Shortage

Wow, seeing this infographic from Maryville University’s Nursing Program really made me think. Many times, we take for granted jobs done by people in the healthcare field. Coming from a line of family who has always been big into nursing (grandma, mom, sister, cousins….) I just always felt like there are tons of people out there ready to do this job and we’d never have a shortage of nurses of any kind. I now feel a little selfish for all of the times I told my family “Ehhh, that’s not a job for me. I can’t see myself doing that.” Yep, I have said those exact words MANY times in my past. My mom is a baby boomer while I am a millenial. Maybe it is time I rethink my future goals in life after my son starts school and actually consider nursing. It would be rather rewarding to know … read more

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