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Best Methods for Treating Common Pregnancy Issues

pregnant belly

Pregnancy…as beautiful as the process of a developing life is, you have to admit it can be difficult on the mothers to be. Your body is going through so many changes as it makes room for the growing baby, and unfortunately, there’s not much you can take to get rid of these aches, pains, and other common issues. While some mothers experience nothing more than a few stretch marks, growing breasts, and fatigue, there are those expectant mothers that go through everything from morning sickness, to heartburn, and even hemorrhoids and gestational diabetes. The good news is there are ways in which you can relieve some of these issues without the use of too many medications. Below are just a few solutions you might try to remedy any pregnancy related issues you’re having so that you can simply enjoy the bliss of having life inside of you. Bodily Aches and … read more

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Finger Pushing Fun With Modarri Cars


Back in November, my boys had the awesome chance to review a fun line of toy cars from Modarri. They fell in love! These cars are a fun new take on an old favorite for boys. What little boy doesn’t like cars? We recently received another three cars from Modarri to build their collection and the fun has quickly doubled! This time, we received the combo 3-pack . This adds another T1 track car, X1 Dirt car, and S1 street car. While similar to the original single cars we received in the same designs, these are colored differently. Each of the cars in the Modarri line come boxed with the car, a set of 3 cones, and a hex tool. This is where the fun begins. You can simply play with the cars as they are, but that would just be crazy! Boys love to tinker and this is the … read more

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Five Great Ways to Save for a Fun Filled Summer Vacation


With spring finally arriving in full force many of us begin to think about our next family vacation. Getting the time to spend with your children and those you care about can be a great way to create precious memories. However, even a three day getaway for a family of three or four can be costly. This doesn’t mean you have to sit at home because you can’t afford to get away, as there are ways you can start saving now to have enough money for your summer vacation. Here’s how: Cut Back on Eating Out – According to a 2012 article in the Huffington Post, the average American worker spends approximately $1,000 per year on coffee and about $2,000 per year on eating out! Now if you and your spouse are doing this, you’re looking at a total of $2,000 per year on coffee and $4,000 per year on eating out. … read more

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I need the #AMDFX APU – HP Envy Touchsmart Laptop from Best Buy!

best buy 2

Disclaimer- The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free Hi, my name is Amber and I am a computer addict. No seriously, I spend way more time than what is truly healthy on my laptop. I do EVERYTHING on here. From banking and shopping to blogging, social networking, watching TV and sometimes a few games. Top that with a million photos of my oh so adorable son and dogs and what do I have? A super slow computer that, quite frankly, angers me more by the day. I have probably gone through 4 or 5 computers in the last 3 years. I get so fed up with limited processing speeds, slow loading times, and the need to transfer all of my files to portable storage options every month to make room! I NEED a new … read more

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Nickelodeon Let’s Learn: S.T.E.M. on DVD Today!


While many moms are on the “TV is bad for kids” kick, I find myself to be quite the opposite. SOME TV is bad for kids, but I am amazed daily by so much of what my child learns while watching his favorite shows. I do not limit his TV time I simply limit what shows he is allowed to watch. Nick Jr. Shows are on his list of allowed shows. His favorites right now are definitely Paw Patrol, Blaze, and Bubble Guppies. Each of these shows teach him so much from counting and ABC’s to shapes and more. Things he was not picking up easily from me trying to teach, he has picked up on watching these shows. So, I was excited to see Nickelodeon start a DVD set that promotes these shows into a “Let’s Learn” theme. My son LOVES these DVD’s! Today, the fifth installment in the Nickelodeon’s … read more

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