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Bring out the ‘Thrift’ with Groupon Coupons

groupon coupon

A few days ago, as I was cutting and organizing coupons, my husband decided to crack jokes. He told me I am the only person he knows that could probably hit the lottery and would still use coupons,buy store brand products, and shop at the Goodwill. Well duh honey! I mean, my maiden name IS Thrifty! What did he expect when he married me? You can change my last name, but it doesn’t take the Thrift out of my blood! He thinks my thrifty ways are rather funny. Of course, he absolutely loves having someone so frugal around because it gives him money for other things, like the ability to put a bid on our first home. And, if everything goes well, we will be closing on that home on May 19! This is such an exciting and exasperating time for us looking forward to moving and starting anew. And … read more

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Keeping My Blood Pressure In Check With #MeasuPro!


Disclaimer:  received the following item free of charge in exchange for my review. All opinions and experiences are my own. When it comes to my family health history, I really drew the short end of the stick. I am genetically predisposed to so many health issues that I don’t even want to answer the doctors with the inevitable family history questions! Does anyone have allergies or asthma? check. Cancer? check. Diabetes? check. High blood pressure? check. That list just goes on and on. A few years back, my asthma went crazy and I was hospitalized. In that time I found out I also have an irregular heart beat and tachycardia, which means my resting heart rate is typically higher than it is supposed to be for no good reason. Lucky for me, that wasn’t accompanied by high blood pressure or they would be pushing the medications that I hate taking! … read more

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I Use #MyDataMyWay With Walmart Family Mobile. #ad #CollectiveBias


This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and Walmart Family Mobile. All opinions are mine alone. #MyDataMyWay #CollectiveBias We are well in to Spring now. While the winter months are typically quiet around here, Spring starts a whole new world of on the go! I love that my oldest is into baseball and enjoys playing, but sometimes it can be a huge inconvenience. There are games and practices, make up games thrown in randomly when we have a game called due to the weather (which of course happens a lot since Spring is full of rain!) Add to that the fact that my family is in the process of purchasing our first home and it creates a mess! Sometimes, when a random practice or make up game is throw in at the last minute, we really have to figure something out. I have never been fond of kids … read more

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Making The Best of ‘April Showers’ With Pacific Play Tents!

tent set 3

Its that time of year again. Since I was born in April, I know this weather all too well. I always hated the “April showers bring May flowers” quote because it was all too true. I’d spend most of April (and my birthday) stuck inside the house because of the rain. Now that I have a little one, we are starting to go through the same all over again. He has been stuck inside so much the last few weeks that he is feeling crazy. Thankfully, he had a birthday in march and got some awesome pretend play items, so we have been able to keep ourselves entertained. The one thing he was begging for, he did not receive. Darned if we didn’t get lucky and end up receiving the exact gift he wanted as a review from Pacific play Tents! My son is a fort addict. In my time, … read more


Spark and Bee Premium Baby Stroller Organizer Review

stroller organizer2

I have had numerous strollers over the last 4 years. If there is one thing they all have in common, it is the lack of storage space. Anyone who knows me knows I have pretty ridiculous OCD. I can not stand things being unorganized. It’s nice to have the large storage space at thee bottom of a stroller, but I just needed more. There is nothing worse than being out for a walk and having to dig through that giant space to find you water, keys, your little ones sippy cup… but that was the life I was living. I loved the jogging stroller I purchased over the summer.. until I started jogging and didn’t have my water at hand. That will not be the case this year! I recently received a Baby Stroller Organizer for review from Spark and Bee and it has made my stroller my new best … read more

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