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LumenX mountable bicycle headlight

lumenex bike light 2

My step son is 11. It is one of those cray ages. They want to be grown but you still want them to be a child… and the battle ensues. They want later bedtimes, later time allowed outside, more freedom in general. But mom’s always want to hold back. He loves to ride his bike. I have slowly allowed more freedom as to WHERE he is allowed to ride, but now it is the when. I know he hates the heat of the day and prefers to be out later, but I am not to confident in the drivers around here watching for kids on bikes once the sun starts to set. Not to mention he had nothing more than the typical small, reflective red thing on his bike (what are those even called?!) We recently had the chance to review the LumenX Mountable Bicycle Headlight and we may be … read more

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24 oz Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker Review

A few years ago, I used to drink like a fish (why is that even a term.. do fish really drink anything??) Anyway, once I became a mom, this just disappeared. But every now and then I do enjoy a good drink. I LOVE cocktails but have never really made them at home. I don’t buy them often because they are just too darn expensive! I always wanted a nice cocktail shaker to experiment at home but had yet to purchase one. I was pretty excited to receive the 24 oz Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker for review! I have never owned one to compare it to, but this thing is pretty awesome! I love that it is stainless steel. It claims that it will not rust which i really nice. It is  3 piece set with a cup, strainer, and top that all fit exceptionally well together.The cup is a … read more

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EZwipers Windshield Wipers Online

windshield wiper

One thing I always seem to need when it is time to have my truck inspected is windshield wipers! And of course to avoid the rejection sticker, I just purchase them at the shop and call it a day. This means I definitely spend more than I need to on them! This year, I am prepared! Inspection is due next month and I just got a new set of wipers from! Although I received these free of charge for review purposes, they are a much cheaper alternative for anyone ready to purchase wipers in the near future. I received a set of Anco 31 series wiper blades. It was so simple I didn’t even need help. All you have to do is place your make and model of the car into the website and it pulls up the blades you need with a click! You simply choose the ones … read more

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We are going to D.C. on Amtrak!


This weekend is Memorial Day weekend. We don’t normally make much in the way of plans for any holiday. Traffic can be really bad living in a main city like Richmond, VA so we just stay close to home and avoid travel. But this time, we will be going out! My husband, kids and I will be taking a trip to Washington D.C. Yes, I know. That sounds crazy. If I think Richmond has bad holiday traffic, what do I think D.C. is going to look like?? Well, we don’t even have to worry about that! We are taking Amtrak and will be able to relax the entire way. No traffic, no stop lights, no trying to find a place to park, just smooth traveling from point A to point B! Talk about excited? Neither kid has stopped talking about having the chance to ride a train! Heck, I am … read more

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We get to Go Ape!!

go ape

So, I am beyond excited to announce that we get to Go Ape at Freedom Park! My step son has asked time and time again about going somewhere that he can do zip lines and enjoy himself in nature. So, needless to say he is beside himself knowing he will get to climb through trees ad enjoy multiple zip lines just 30 minutes from our house! Be on the watch in the next few weeks for a full review of Go Ape in Williamsburg, VA to see if it is the perfect outing for YOUR family! While you wait, check out this clip and a bit of info below! Welcome to Go Ape, the country’s #1 zip line and treetop adventure. You’re just a zip away from experiencing our award winning zip lines, tarzan swings & obstacles. Book now to live life adventurously with us at one of our beautiful … read more

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