Cato Fashions- Fashion for the Thrifty Mom!

Women love clothes. Its a given. There is just something that can boost our self esteem about a nice new outfit. Unfortunately, in today’s economy, it is getting harder and harder to get those new outfits. The latest fashion trends seem to get more and more expensive. I have to admit, most of my clothing now is hand me downs or thrift shop finds to stay in my budget. So, when I was contacted by Cato Fashions to review their local store for my readers in exchange for a $25 gift card I didn’t have to high of hopes. I figured it would be expensive and I may get lucky to walk out with a shirt. Boy was I far from right on that!

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We had a mall that opened in the last few years here in Richmond, VA. I’m not a big mall girl so I don’t visit often. I didn’t even know Cato Fashions was a store there. It took me a few minutes to find (its an outdoor mall) But I finally found it. I have to admit, I kind of like that they didn’t have a million manikins dressed in skimpy clothing in the window. I am so tired of walking past that same scene at every clothing store. I walked in and was pretty surprised. The store itself was immaculately clean. I was immediately greeted by very polite employees with big smiles. I was a bit disappointed as there were no shopping carts in the store. Being a stay at home mom, I rarely get to shop without my son. Next time I will bring the stroller. Regardless, the store presentation was far beyond my expectations. The layout made it easy to find what you are looking for and they have as many plus size items as they do anything else. Very refreshing to see! The clothing choices were very trendy and perfect for dress attire, office jobs, a night on the town, with a few lounge items thrown in. Not a bunch of skinny jeans with holes in the knees and t-shirts. There were even lingerie, perfume and accessories (all women’s items I should add… no a store for men) I started looking at price tags and I think I may have gasped for a second because I was taken back.

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I expected ridiculous prices like everywhere else. Instead I saw prices that I was paying at second hand stores! The clearance items were amazing prices, but even the full priced items were a heck of a deal. Adorable dresses for under $25! I didn’t know where to start. Since I had my son and no basket I had to settle for clothing items I knew I would fit without actually trying on so I went to the lounge clothing and scored big time. I have been working out and needed more clothing I could wear universally. I found a super comfy pair of track pants, a tank that matched perfectly, and a nice sports bra.  Would you believe that AFTER tax, I didn’t even spend the whole $25?! I still had about $1.30 left on my gift card. Now THAT is a score! The clothing is great quality, very comfy, and hasn’t shrunk in the dryer. the outfit is one of my first choices when I go out for a walk. I can’t wait to go back and splurge on a few nice outfits for myself. And I love that I won’t feel guilty with their price tags but will look nice! If you have a Cato fashion near you, I highly recommend checking them out. Make sure to check them out on Facebook as well for more info and sometimes giveaways as well!

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  1. Dani says:

    Thank you for the review! Did you find that their clothes fit true to size?

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