Champion Me Personalized Children’s Book

Holiday Gift Guide – Champion Me Personalized Children’s Book

Would your child like to be a hero in their very own story book? Of course they would. I mean how many children run around pretending to be a superhero in everyday play? I know mine have done it plenty of times. Champion Me gives you the chance to create a personalized children’s book with your child as the main character.Even better is the character creator! Once you choose the story your child will appear in you get to go through and create a character to resemble them! How awesome is that!

I chose to review [Your Child] in the Great Escape of Mighty Star! Of course the [your child] becomes your child’s name throughout the story book. The ordering process was really easy. The character creator opens and you can choose eye color, hair color and style, skin color,  facial features and even change outfit colors. Once you receive your book, all of the images of the character will be in your personal design. Outside of the ordering and personalizing, the story plots are actually very interesting! Each story takes you through an entire adventure that keeps you guessing whats to come! I loved reading through with my son and seeing all the different actions as they go! In our story we got to see him take the form of a deer, a dog, and even a sparrow to help his forest friends and save them throughout the story.

My toddler loves to hear his name in books and his little face lights up! He also really loves rhyming so it is great that the story has a nice rhyming pattern to keep his interest! I would absolutely recommend getting this for your little readers. They are great to read to smaller children but they are also a wonderful option for an elementary school aged child as they can follow along with an entire plot of the story! Make sure to check them out for someone on your Christmas list this year. You can also enter to win in my 12 Days of Christmas giveaways!

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