Cooking Up The Fun With Flirty Aprons

I have always admired those famous chefs. You know the ones like Giada and Sandra Lee who always look so pretty standing over a flaming hot stove cooking up big meals for their families… Yeah, I look NOTHING like that in my kitchen! I have a mess, dishes everywhere, hair pulled up in a knot on my head, and trying to avoid sweat dripping down my face with the heat. Not a very attractive thought huh? I’m sure my husband would agree with you! So, when I was given the chance to review a product from Flirty Aprons, I thought there was no way I could make cooking lot cute! Although their aprons for woman, men, and even kids are very adorable, putting me in it just couldn’t give a “flirty” vibe! Or could it?

flirty apron

I decided to review the Marilyn Sugar n’ Spice apron. It is a super cute black with small white polka dots. On the pocket there is a little pink bow to add the perfect feminine splash of color. Finish it off with thin, grayish ruffles to offset the skirting and you have a very flirty piece. It looked exactly like the photo on the website when I received it which I love because so many times those photos are deceiving. I love how thin the apron is. You can feel that it is well crafty and not just a cheap, throw away apron, but it is not super thick and uncomfortable like many others I have seen. The fabric easily forms to your shape and flexes well with every movement as not to get in the way of your main goal… COOKING. I’m not a big dessert maker and baking is just not my thing, but the flirty apron convinced me to try a little Betty Crocker action..(yep, right out the box!) And I set out to bake my family a cake!


Sure, they were surprised that I COULD look cute while cooking.. and even more so that I was baking a cake! My husband was very impressed as he says I never “fix myself up” anymore. Boy did I show him! We all enjoyed a delicious cake that I think the apron helped me have the confidence to make. 😉  And I really didn’t want to take my flirty apron off! It is now one of my favorite items to wear in the kitchen and I am now on the hunt for an oven mitt to match. I definitely recommend Flirty Aprons to add a little fun to anyones time in the kitchen. And if you purchase a flirty apron before April 30, you can receive 40% off using the code MOMSDAY40  This would absolutely make the perfect Mother’s Day gift for that special someone in your life!

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