Do you vape? #VapeWhatYouSaid

When I first got pregnant my biggest concern was quitting smoking to have a healthy baby. Since I had been trying to get pregnant for so long, it just came naturally and I quit cold turkey. flash forward to my son being one. I had stopped nursing and started picking up old bad habits. Smoking just slipped right back into my life and I don’t even know how. A few months after I realized I needed to quit. I have asthma, my son was showing signs of asthma and cigarettes were just making things worse. This time, it was much harder. I wanted to quit, but my mind was not letting me. I was introduced to vaping. I had no idea what it was or how I’d manage to use it to quit smoking, but I gave it a try. To my surprise, it completely curved my cigarette cravings and was working perfectly. As time went on, I lowered my nicotine strengths and finally felt I was able to completely quit everything.

While vaping helped me, my husband has not been able to quit smoking. He uses vaping as a supplement and smokes much less. There is no smoking allowed in our house, but he is able to vape in the house so it is a win for him. He can also vape when he’s around kids and non smokers in public so its been great. I’m hoping one day he will either ONLY vape or quit everything all together but for right now, vaping has made a big difference in our lives.

Do you vape? Check out this infographic below from AquaVape for a bit of info on vaping studies from others with stories like my own!

Vape what you said

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