Double Trouble: How To Buy Gifts For The Twins In Your Life



With the Christmas season now upon us, we are all turning our minds to the reality of buying gifts. We all want to find that perfect gift to show our love and appreciation for someone who is dear to us– but if we’re honest, we know deep down that some people are more difficult to buy for than others.

One of the trickiest gifting issues you may well have to resolve is how to buy for twins. If you have friends or family with twin children, you can find yourself wondering what the acceptable etiquette is. One gift or two? Different gifts or the same item duplicated? So many questions, so few answers…!

Until now, that is. Let’s go through the most common questions that people have about gifting to twins, and explore the answers that you have been seeking…

Should Twins Receive Separate Gifts?

There is no definitive right or wrong answer to this. Some twins will prefer the idea of separate gifts; others will be more than happy with joint gifts. If you’re not sure, then you can always ask their parents what would be preferred.

If you’re not comfortable asking this question, then here’s a general rule: try and buy individual gifts for each child once they reach the age of three. By this age, they are aware of their separate identities, and might not appreciate a joint gift.

Should Individual Gifts For Twins Match?

You don’t have to buy the exact same gift for twins, especially if you know them well enough to know they wouldn’t want the same thing. However, it’s important to keep the price the same for both gifts.

One way of skirting the price issue is to buy the same item, but personalized for each individual child. For example, two teddy bears, each emblazoned with the name of one child; Mak-A-Boo have a great range you might want to consider. With this option, both children get the same thing, but there is also something unique to each item.

What If I Can Only Afford One Gift?

Try to find something that fits the following criteria if you can only buy one gift for twins:

  • Something large enough that it can be opened by both children, so they have that experience.
  • Avoid items that only one child can use at a time.
  • Opt for board games and other communal, shareable toys.

Essentially, if you are opting for a joint gift, then it needs to truly be a joint gift– something they can both enjoy, ideally simultaneously, rather than a single gift that is spread between two people. There are plenty of games and activity sets that suit this purpose, and shouldn’t break your budget.

In Conclusion

Negotiating the tricky waters of buying for twins can be difficult, but hopefully the advice above should help you to find your way. Whatever you buy, it’s the thought that counts, and the twins in your life will doubtlessly appreciate the effort you have taken.




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