Explore your building creativity with Guillow Airplane Design Studio!

I’m sure you have seen my reviews in the past with Guillow model planes. My boys absolutely love making and flying them! The only thing my oldest would love to change was that each kit is designed to specifically replicate a particular plane. You have instructions and pieces in which you follow and build exactly what it specifies. He is one who LOVES to create. (a reason we have managed to collect thousands upon thousands of Lego bricks in the last 11 years!) Well, his wish has now come true! (and the look of excitement on his face is one I really wish I had a camera ready to capture!) In comes…. Guillow Airplane Design Studio!

Guillow Design Studio

Yes, you saw that right! This is a super cool product that has unlimited capabilities when given to a child with an active imagination. It offers everything you love from the basic Guillow Balsa Wood model planes in a package that is NOT specific to one particular plane. As a matter of fact, there are enough pieces to build even multiple planes at once! Here is a look at the contents.

guillow design studio contents

As you can see, the kit contains 6 wings (4 large 2 small) 8 tail/pilot parts, 8 plane bodies, 4 struts that allow you to crwate planes with double sets of wings, 4 landing gear, 4 rubber band motors, and 4 propellers. There are various images of planes to give you ideas of things to build on the box as well as simple instructions on how to connect particular parts to create a basic plane. After that, you are on your own! I love that the box has everything  in a tray that allows you to keep pieces organized for easy access to play.

guillow design studio kitThe most exciting part though, is the fact that this isn’t just a one time build kit. With the Guillow Airplane Design Studio, you can build, fly, and rebuild as many times as you desire! You can create multiple planes and have fun races with your friends, you can change pieces up until you get the look you desire… no parts require gluing of any kind! Just look at some of my 11 year old planes. He was building and rebuilding faster than I could photograph but I tried to snap a few quick pictures!

guillow planesAll of that was built with one kit! The first plae has 2 full bodies and landing gear, “dual engines” as he called the rubber band motors, and 2 sets of wings. Even after that double decker plane he still had enough pieces to build a single body, single engine, double winged plane!

guillow planeThe Guillow Airplane Design Studio is the perfect for any young boy looking to explore their creativity and design ability! (and any grown man/woman or little girl as well because we all know little boys are not the only ones who like creative play!) You can follow Guillow on Facebook to stay up to date on the latest news and products and check them out online to order this and other great products! On lucky reader will also have the chance to win the Airplane Design Studio by entering below!

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9 Responses to Explore your building creativity with Guillow Airplane Design Studio!

  1. Sarah says:

    I like this one! Historic 1903 Wright Flyer
    Check out Sarah’s awesome new post here! Toy Box MakeoverMy Profile

  2. Tenley Erickson says:

    The Sky Launcher is very cool! What fun planes…my husband would love to take our little one to the park to fly these around! Thanks for the chance to win:)

  3. Noelle Quade says:

    my little guy would LOVE the Police CopterToy 🙂

  4. Ann Fantom says:

    I would like to get Guillow’s U.S. Warhawk 4500 miniModel

  5. T Michelle Trump says:

    We love the Military copter

  6. heather says:

    I love the Thomas Morse scout.

  7. Jill Myrick says:

    I also like the P-51 Mustang Model Kit.


  8. Daniel M says:

    I like the Vought F4U-4 Corsair

  9. Candie L says:

    I like the Helicat. Thank you

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