Fast pain relief with First Aid Shot Therapy

I am one of those moms who seems to CONSTANTLY have a headache for no apparent reason. To top it off, I get heartburn worse than I did when I was pregnant. Everything I eat seems to affect me in some way. For a while, my purse looked like a pharmacy with antacids, tylenol, and powdered pain relief packs. Nothing worse than being on the go and not having anything to take. It sure does put a damper on playing at the park when mom has a headache and needs to go home! What could be worse? Not having a drink to take the medicines with! Yep, that has happened numerous times. I get so mad when I have medicine that can take my aches and pains away, but nothing to drink to take it. Some people may be able to swallow pills whole, but I can barely swallow them with water much less without! I was excited to try out First Aid Shot Therapy (F.A.S.T.) for this particular reason! I received a few samples to review and my medicine woes are now over!


F.A.S.T. is a single serve “shot” style, drinkable medication. You can choose the pain relief shot for those headaches and minor aches and pains you may typically take pills for. Or you can choose the upset stomach shot. Each shot is just over 1 ounce in size with an easy to twist top. You can simply slip a bottle in your purse and be on the go. Should a headache arise, open, drink, and go. I was a little hesitant at first because most drinkable medications have a horrid taste. Thankfully, that was not the case with First Aid Shot Therapy. The Pain Relief shot has a pleasant scent. When you drink it, it has a slight children’s grape medicine flavor, but with a thin consistency that makes downing it much easier. There is a very slight medicine after taste but it does disappear fast!  The F.A.S.T. upset stomach relief is my favorite. i hate having to chew antacids. I feel like I am eating chalk. I also am not a fan of other pink medications GAG! I was pleasantly surprised with the flavor of this F.A.S.T. shot. Ithas the same, thick consistency of other antacids but the flavor is much more bearable for me. It is like a peppermint dream. The mix is peppermint and ginger but I didn’t taste the ginger at all. only peppermint. It was like eating a candy cane. It did take a few minutes longer than usual to kick in but once it did it seemed to work better and I didn’t need to take any extra!


Overall I am pretty impressed with First Aid Shot Therapy. Between the convenience, the decent taste, and the fact that they do actually work just as well as other medications, it is a choice I would reach for on multiple ocassions. They can be found online as well as in gas stations and convenience stores in many areas. The price is a little more than I’d like to pay at a little over $2 a shot, but if I am on the go and need fast acting relief, First Aid Shot Therapy is something I would definitely reach for again.

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