Free Time: How To Fill It With Thrifty Fun For You And The Family

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As a mom, you often feel like you’re on the go all of the time, and that’s mostly because you are. But, at the same time, you also have a lot of free time to fill up. It may not seem like it, but with afternoons after school, weekends, family trips, days spent with your younger kids and even the rare time that you do get to yourself, it all adds up. And in this time, you need to work out what you can do for fun. When you think of it like that, you can often feel a financial burden is about to land in your lap, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

Just because you’re faced with a lot of free time to fill, it doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money. In fact, in reality, you can use your thrifty ways to fill up your free time too. By now, you’ve probably got the hang of cutting back and making the most of the money you have. So it’s easier to apply that to any free time you have. And if not and you’re brand new, this post is about to have you covered. Read on for ways to fill your free time with thrifty fun.

After School Fun


When the kids come in from school, you often have a lot of time on your hands to fill out before dinner, bath, and bed. But this doesn’t mean you have to load them with video games and tv just to keep them occupied; you can have a lot of thrifty fun in a short space of time.


When you don’t want to waste hours after school, you should definitely think of the different crafts that you can all do together instead. It may seem like you don’t have a lot of time before dinner, but making pasta jewelry or painting can take up no time at all, is super cheap to do, and is a lot of fun for all ages, including younger kids.


If you really want to kill two birds with one stone, you should think about cooking with your kids when they get home from school. There are lots of different fun recipes to make with kids that it can save you time and get dinner sorted at the same time. Making pizzas, pulling together different salads and creating cookies is something that all kids love to do too.


When your kids get older, and even when they’re still young, they often have homework to do after school. So, this can sometimes mean that their time is already taken up. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it fun. Of course, it’s often already thrifty as studying is free, but you can also make study time exciting for your kids by turning learning into games and even creating charts for different rewards.

Weekend Antics


At the weekends, you tend to have a lot more time to spend with your kids and the family as a whole. Again, you don’t have to fill this time with expensive trips. Instead, you can have a lot of free fun in your local area.

Head Out On An Adventure

When you’ve got a lot more time than just a few hours in the afternoon to work with, you’re probably going to want to think of ways that you can wear the kids out a little. One of the best ways to do that is to go on an adventure in your local area. Whether you go for a walk and look for plants or animals, go hiking, out on bikes or even fishing, you can fill your free time with a lot of fun without spending a penny.

Go Swimming

You may also want to think about swimming. Swimming is something that every kid loves to do, whether they’re three or thirteen. You could consider going to your local pool if they have cost-effective family swim times, but if you want to swim for free, head to the great outdoors. The beach or a local lake can be just as fun to swim in, and sometimes even more so.

Have A Movie Night

Another great one for all of you is the putting on a family movie night at home. You can pick out your favorite films, even if you’ve seen them a million times before, get some homemade snacks together, build a comfortable seating area and enjoy some time together. It sure does beat heading out to a movie theatre any day!

Family Vacations


You can often feel as if you should have a vacation when you’re trying to cut back, but that doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, you can enjoy time away together as a family for a really great deal; you just have to plan it right.


First of all, the thriftiest of all thrifty vacations: camping. Camping is a lot of fun for everyone. Not only can you save a lot of money by choosing to camp as your vacation, but it can be such an adventure. When you head out into the woods, fend for yourself, and explore nature, your kids will have the most amazing time, and you as parents will do too.

Visiting Family

Next up, you might want to think about visiting family. When you have family dotted around the country, it’s always nice to make time to go and see them. Plus, you can always turn it into a frugal break away too. Visiting family is often cheaper, as you don’t have to fork out for accommodation and sometimes they’ll fill you with food too!


If you are planning on booking a vacation sometime soon, make sure that you coupon. Couponing on vacation is just as effective as when you do it in everyday life. You can save a lot of money on your bookings and even on food or activities while you’re there too – meaning you can enjoy yourself for a significantly reduced price.

At Home With The Little Ones


When you’ve got younger kids, you definitely have a lot more time to fill up than when they’re all at school. This can often make you feel like you’re spending a lot more money. But, you can still entertain your kids all day long for next to nothing.

Pop To The Park

A great way to have some of the most imaginative frugal fun with your little ones at home is to pop to your local park regularly. Every little kid loves to be outside, to run and jump and play on all of the activities that the park has, so lap it up. It’s something they never tire of too. Plus, when the weather’s a little dull, they always seem to love to jump in puddles on the way too.

Utilize The Garden

When you can, it’s always a good idea to try and get out in the garden. Sometimes, being cooped up in the house can make you and the little ones go a little crazy. But the garden lets them run around and get rid of their energy. There are so many different outdoor games that you can play as well as simple ball games too.

Work On Their Development

When your kids are really little, it can also be fun to work on their development. There are lots of DIY motor skills activities that you can create yourself for next to nothing too. Then, not only are you having fun frugally, but you’re also helping your younger children to develop and grow.

Time To Yourself


And then there’s also the time that you get to yourself to think about. Because every mom deserves a break. But don’t feel like you had to spend a lot of money to enjoy some time out and relax; you can be thrifty with this too.


When you do get a spare five minutes, it’s often a great idea to read. Sometimes it can be in the bath, before bed, or even when your kids are all out at school or visiting family. You choose to browse online and pick up tips and advice about pregnancy and motherhood or learn about something you’re interested in or read a book. Either way, reading is a simple and frugal way to relax.




Another frugal way that you can enjoy some time to yourself is to work on your personal or professional development. And no, it doesn’t have to cost you a thing. There are so many free online classes and courses that you can try out. Then, you’ll be able to work on you without it breaking the bank.


Fun With Friends


And finally, what woman doesn’t want to spend time with her friends? But don’t think you have to spend money or go on expensive trips just to switch off. You can cook dinner for your friends or have catchups on the couch – heading on a spa weekend isn’t the only way you can have fun with your friends.

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