Get your FREE Kings Dominion Pre-K Pass Before It’s Too Late!

Since moving closer to Kings Dominion a few years ago, we have invested in passes to Kings Dominion yearly to give our family something fun to do. It can be a bit pricey on a budget, but we purchase them on a payment plan to make it easier, buy a season pass drink cup for refills throughout the day, and pack a picnic lunch to save on food. This year however was even more budget friendly for our family. Kings Dominion finally offered a free Pre-K pass for ages 3-5. I was beyond excited to hear about this and got ours before fall was over last year to ensure we had it before my little one hit his 6th birthday. After spending spring break there this year, I know it was so worth it!

pre-K pass

This pass is free for kids ages 3-5 (at the time you redeem the pass, if they turn 6 they can still use the pass that year as long as you have the pass in hand before their 6th birthday!) This is only available through April 30 so you will want to make sure you get it ASAP! Visit Kings Dominion online to apply for the Pre-K pass. Once you have the paper, take it AND your child’s birth certificate to Kings Dominion BEFORE April 30 to make sure you get the pass. If you don’t complete the 2nd step in time, you will miss out.

The pass includes park admission, soak city, and Dinosaurs alive admission and is good through October 29 so you will also have the fall/ Halloween activities to look forward to! It does NOT include parking, but if you buy yourself a gold pass that covers it all. This year, Kings Dominion debuted 3 new rides in Planet Snoopy as well so its even more awesome than before! There is Sally’s Sea Plane, it circles around and is perfect for young riders starting out.

sallys sea plane

Peanuts 500 is my sons FAVORITE ride at the moment. It is a small race track and the curves are taken at a higher rate of speed. He has gotten on it multiple times already. He’s not a huge thrill seeker yet so this is the perfect amount of thrill and safe for him.

peanuts 500

Lastly is the Kite Eating Tree. Its like a baby drop tower in nature. It doesn’t drop all at once however, and does little drops and raises throughout. Its was a bit much for his stomach to handle, but I watched other children fall in love with it. Its great to see new rides added to start the thrill seeking at a younger age!

kite eating tree

Yep, the Pre-K pass is a GREAT opportunity to keep the little ones active and having fun all summer! Don’t miss the chance to get yours now! I surely hope they continue this for years to come (even if mine will be too old for it after this year) as it is such a great option for those on a fixed income looking for thrifty ideas for fun!

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