I am always on the look out for cheap glasses. I seem to break my glasses too easily and like to keep a few pairs on hand. I’d be rather upset if I spent hundreds of dollars on a pair and broke them because I am clumsy. I recently had the chance to review a pair of glasses from and was excited to add a back up pair to my collection.  They seem to have pretty good prices, but how is the overall quality?

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I chose to review the Pendleton Rectangle glasses in black. I typically stick to the rectangle style frame and after checking out the measurements on the site, I determined they shouldn’t be much bigger than the pair I currently wear so I hoped for the best. I added my prescription, chose to add an anti-reflective coating and a UV coating and it stated it comes with anti-scratch coating for free. I loved the little “bling” on the side and thought these would be the perfect choice. I am a little less than thrilled with the overall size. I’d definitely say the size is a bit larger than their measurements state online. My face is a bit narrow and had I known they would be any bigger than I expected, I would have passed on them. I am learning to like them, but I’d definitely prefer them to be smaller!

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The overall quality isn’t too bad for the price. I’m not sure I feel they would have ever been a $200 pair of glasses as the website states as the retail price. They are pretty light weight and at times I feel like the lenses might not be in there securely as they move a bit when I clean them. The anit-scratch coating seems to be working fine but the anti-reflective coating, if it is on there, definitely is not very anti-reflective. And for some reason the lenses seem to smudge and fog over quite a bit more than any pair of glasses I have ever owned.

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But, for a price of only $40, I can’t complain. If you are in need of a cheap set of back up glasses or need replacements prescription glasses or sunglasses on a budget, it is worth looking in to. I still love the little added design on the sides and have had no problem at all with the hinges on the glasses as I have with others in the past. Overall, I’d give them a 6 or 7 out of 10 if I had to rate them. If you’d like to check them out yourself, feel free to use code AmberMomX20 to save 20% more on the already low prices.

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  1. Lisa says:

    Hey Diva, love the glasses. You look so cute, I really need to check them out since I am in need of a good pair of glasses too. Thanks for sharing this company!

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