We are going to D.C. on Amtrak!

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend. We don’t normally make much in the way of plans for any holiday. Traffic can be really bad living in a main city like Richmond, VA so we just stay close to home and avoid travel. But this time, we will be going out! My husband, kids and I will be taking a trip to Washington D.C. Yes, I know. That sounds crazy. If I think Richmond has bad holiday traffic, what do I think D.C. is going to look like?? Well, we don’t even have to worry about that! We are taking Amtrak and will be able to relax the entire way. No traffic, no stop lights, no trying to find a place to park, just smooth traveling from point A to point B! Talk about excited? Neither kid has stopped talking about having the chance to ride a train! Heck, I am 28 and have still ever been on a train, so I am just as excited! I already have our plans for the day and a check list of items to take.

If you visit Amtrak online, you can view the schedules, locations, and check out what to expect on your trip. I am excited to know there is a cafe cart should we get hungry, although I will be able to pack small snacks and drinks for our ride. The trains look rather spacious too so I won’t have to worry about being cramped and uncomfortable with my long legs. But perhaps one of the biggest pluses I see is the free wifi. With two kids, we will need some sort of entertainment on a 2 hour ride. I can pack our tablets and have them ready to go. I am normally the driver when we take any type of trip, so this is going to be amazing to just sit back and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Our destination is Union Station! From what I hear, this place is huge! Restaurants, shopping… I can’t wait to see it. Then we will be heading to the Smithsonian museum, riding the national carousel, and even catching an Imax movie while exploring near the White House! Sounds like fun huh? As you can tell, I am very excited for the chance to be reviewing Amtrak and can’t wait to share my experience with you. Make sure the check out Amtrak for yourself and plan your next trip free of traffic! You can even check out their hot deals like 25% off Northeast Regional if you book in advance!


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