Home Depot Kids Workshop This Weekend!

This weekend is the first Saturday of the month! That means Home Depot will be holding its monthly kids building workshop! Make sure you don’t miss out. Take your little one to your local Home Depot sometime between the hours of 9 Am and 12 PM to let them build this super cute heart box just in time for Valentine’s Day! (maybe they can even take it to school to collect their Valentine’s in.. if schools still do that?) Never heard of Home Depot kids workshops? Here are the details!

home depot

The very first Saturday of each month, Home Depot holds their Kids Workshop. There is a register button online that is supposed to help them plan to have enough kits. It’s nice to sign up just t help them out, but my Home Depot doesn’t seem to use it either way. You simply visit your local Home Depot between 9 AM and 12 PM (the earlier the better, just in case they run out of kits!) Your child will be given an apron and a building kit that is theirs to keep. (this is free) You sign the waiver on the table and head over to build. They provide the glue and hammers, sometimes paint and more to create your projects. Once done, each child gets a pin for their apron and a certificate for completing the project! My boys have been doing these for years and love it so much. (of course many girls attend as well, so don’t skip out on them!) This is a great way to get a hands on bonding time at no cost with your little ones! I will try to make a note the week before each kids workshop so you all can remember to attend!

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