How do you exercise?

If you have been following my blog for any length of time, you are sure to have read one of my “I am on a health kick and need to lose weight’ posts. My thyroid is my enemy and I try, try again. One day I will defeat it. With the holidays nearing, I know it is in my best interest to work on my healthy eating and exercise regimen like yesterday! Theres nothing worse than going into the holidays knowing you need to lose a few pounds and then stuffing your face full of food and gaining instead of losing!

I typically target one area on my body and I think that is becoming my down fall. I really need to worry more with my overall health and weight instead of focusing on things like my tummy. Maybe then I could get to where I want to be! I was just told about an exercise regimen that I am now looking into. When it was first mentioned all I could say was what is crossfit and does it really work?! It seems like a great plan. A great combination of strength training and conditioning where I would combine my cardio efforts and work on lifting weights to become stronger. I have always been told that one or the other will not work and I should try both.

I typically get big into walking and jogging and it does help me lose but that’s it. I haven’t really done any weight lifting since I was fresh out of high school and on my “I want a six-pack” kick! From the sounds of it, I need to look into this program and find a healthy combination of the two extremes. This may just be my solution. Have any of you ever tried this? Did you have much success? I hate ‘dieting’ but healthy eating and crossfit may just be my next experiment!

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  1. Karen Medlin says:

    I have lost the battle to trim the tummy, I call it my baby bag. I walk the treadmill late at night when the kids are in bed.. I tend to trim up in the summer when we are more active outdoors on campouts, hiking and canoe trips.. Fall is when I tend to gain a little with all the baking.
    I have not tried any of the crossfit training myself.. give it a try.. it may be something that will work for you.

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