How to Stay Active While Pregnant


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When you are pregnant, you may feel that exercising is that last thing you want to be doing. But being active is something that you should be trying to do on a daily basis, and around half an hour of physical activity is what you want to aim for. Even the little things can make a difference such as walking to the shops instead of driving. If you are not a naturally active person, you should aim to build this up exercise over time. Check out these tips on how to stay active while pregnant for more inspiration.

Make it Interesting

Exercising is supposed to be fun, so you could turn it into a social event simply by going for a walk with a good friend. Alternatively, you could join a fitness class for pregnant women so the workout has been designed for you and all your need to do is follow along. If you prefer to exercise at home, there are plenty of fitness DVDs and online classes that you could try out. Ultimately, it is worth taking the time to find something that holds your interest that you can continue for the duration of your pregnancy.

Always Stay Safe

If you plan to start a new form of exercise, it is always a good idea to consult with your doctor or midwife to ensure that it is completely safe. When you are exercising, it is important to avoid overheating and you should also make sure that you stay hydrated throughout. The talk test is a good way of checking if you are not pushing yourself too hard. You want to be able to say a whole sentence before you take a breath and you should not be gasping for air.

Adapt Your Workouts Depending on the Stage of Pregnancy

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During the first three months, it is generally okay to continue doing the exercises you were doing before you got pregnant. Of course, you want to steer clear of contact sports and anything that could result in your getting hit or falling over. In the second trimester when your bump gets bigger, it is a good idea to make the switch over to low-impact activities. Swimming and pregnancy tend to go well together, while you could also try yoga, pilates or aerobic exercise classes. During the third trimester, you can still continue exercising as long as you feel well enough and stay active right up until the birth of your baby. Again, the low-impact exercises that we have just talked about are the ones that you will want to be focusing on.

To sum up, staying active while being pregnant is a good thing and you should try to make exercise a part of your daily life. If you are not that active generally, try to build up the amount of exercise you do, join classes or workout with friends and make sure that you stay safe by drinking plenty of water and not pushing yourself too hard.    

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