iDeaPLAY Children’s Tablet Review

My son is 3 and LOVES to play games on a tablet. He had a nice one that he loved and someone, ahem, may have accidentally stepped on it and caused their 3 year old to scream bloody murder. So the search began for a new one. I wanted one that was a good size for him, with great parental controls (he manages to figure things out too quickly, they have to have good security!) but I also wanted the best value for the money. That is when I found iDeaPLAY by iDeaUSA. It looked pretty promising and at only $129 it seemed to have most of the bells and whistles needed for a young user. Straight out the box I was impressed!


The tablet came with a silicone bumper (no need to purchase separately!) a pair of ear buds (score! we always loose these things!) the charger,and a micro USB cable. The iDeaPlay tablet runs on Android 4.2 and comes pre-loaded with a few games and apps. You have access to an app store for the tablet and the ability to download Amazon App store. (you can not use Google Appstore on this tablet, but I have yet to see a child’s tablet with this yet anyway) It was a bit confusing during the first set up, but I figured it all out in time. The tablet has the ability to be used as a real tablet at any time. It has a front facing camera (not the best quality, but it works) a rear speaker (actually puts out a LOT of sound for this little device) can connect to the internet, check email, whatever you prefer to do in “parent mode” including setting the parental controls.

parent screen

Speaking of parental controls, the iDeaPLAY has some serious advantages! Compared to other tablets we have had, this hands down has the best control of all. You can set time limits, completely disconnect the internet, disable all in game purchases and disable the ability to click through pop ups. You use the Famigo App to control every aspect of the child’s tablet making it perfect for any age group.

kid screen


Famigo is amazing. I have never even heard of the app until now, but it has made my life so much easier! The kids screen is the most user friendly interface I have ever seen. There is even the option to add a “wish list” for children to choose apps they would like to have and should you choose, you can go download the apps the desire. There is a password protection that blocks the child from exiting to parent mode so I have had many hours of peace without having a toddler cry trying to figure out how to get back to his games.

unlock screen

As far as operating systems, features, and user interface go, this tablet is superior to many on the market right now whether it be for a child, teen, or adult (casual user, not for an every day tablet) However, there are a few cons I have found. For starters, the battery life is pretty bad. In the first few weeks it would last maybe 3-4 hours (that is being on in general, not just in actual use) Now the battery life averages 2 hours tops before having to plug in. If you want to conserve the battery you have to power the entire tablet down or it still drains fast. I can deal with that at home since there is always access to plugs, but it makes it difficult for on the go. Also, the silicone case interferes with charging ability. I am not really sure why, but it i impossible to plug the charger in with the case on. It will push the charger back out instantly. I have to remove the case for charging which is a little inconvenient because that means I have to take the tablet from a toddler because I do not want him dropping it without a case. The charger port is a tad loose as well and has to sit a certain way or charging doesn’t occur. We just make sure to limit time using it and securely plug it in overnight.

devin playing

As you can see my 3 year old has no problem using it. He loves his iDeaPLAY tablet ad thoroughly enjoys his time on it each and every time. Overall, it is a good investment for any mom looking for a great child’s tablet option and peace of mind knowing they are safe and secure while using it! You can find iDeaPLAY online as well as on Facebook.

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