ImmuneIQ Pet Allergy Assessment Review

I have two beautiful dogs. They are happy and healthy as can be. Unfortunately, we have suspected for quite some time now that they have allergies of some sort. Both have sever dry and itchy skin and rashes that come and go all the time. Our vet has suggested in the past that they may have multiple allergy triggers, but it is rather hard to investigate the triggers on a limited budget. Our only choice before now was to do an elimination style experiment. We changed to grain free foods. We cut out people food, changed to hypoallergenic shampoos. We have guessed on certain things that may be triggering the episodes, but no definitive answers as the symptoms continue to reappear. I recently had the opportunity to partner with ImmuneIQ to review their at home pet allergy test. At a price of $87, you receive the ImmuneIQ assessment. It covers 125 different pet food ingredients and common environmental allergens and sensitivities. Allergies can be the cause of excessive scratching, paw chewing, dirty ears and more.  I received my kit in just a few days with very simple instructions. I had to brush my dogs coat to collect hair in a small bag and swab her lips and gums to get a saliva sample. The kit included a postage paid envelope to return my samples.


Once I collected the fur and saliva and mailed it out, I waited about 12 days for my results. I was very curios to see the results. Since I only had one kit, we decided to use it on our baby with the most symptoms. The results were pretty shocking at first glance. She appears to have numerous allergy triggers. If you look, you see the foods and environmental factors that do not affect her in green, those that may be affecting her in yellow, and those found to be very reactive in red (this list is much longer in the pdf, I just wanted to show you a sample)


With the results, I also received an informational pamphlet about what the results mean. After reading it, I am a bit less concerned. The test is NOT totally conclusive. It is not telling you 100% that your pet is allergic to these specific items. It goes on to explain that allergies are a bodies way of reacting to a substance. There are instances where you can just have an overexposure to a particular ingredient which is causing your system to overload and react badly to it over time. For example, if you feed your dog store bought food, the corn in the products could be in abundance and be causing issues over time. Not that it is a completely intolerable ingredient, but one that you would want to investigate further.

In other words, this test is not a definite allergy test that you would spend thousands for at the vet and know exactly what steps to take to prevent. (I hope you wouldn’t assume this at the $87 price tag anyway) ImmuneIQ is more for people like myself who want to know what COULD be wreaking havoc on our babies and to provide a starting point for further investigating. No, I still do not know WHAT is causing our issues, but I do have a solid starting point. I was not aware that my dog could be having cheese and dairy allergies. As a matter of fact, I was feeding her cheese or cheese puffs with her allergy pills daily to try to reduce symptoms. I have since stopped doing this and have definitely noticed a positive outcome. It will be a long road to knowing it all, but I can absolutely attest to the fact that having the rwsults I did from ImmuneIQ and using those as my starting point has definitely been an eye opener and is worth checking into if you are a pet owner having allergy concerns yourself!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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  1. Sherrie Parks says:

    I have two furbabies also 🙂 – a 14 year old Old Lady kitty cat and a 4 year old Bull Mastiff big boy. It’s my big boy who has the allergies. I too used ImmuneIQ AND had the allergist run tests. Needless to say the vet was much, much more expensive, but I got over 700 environmental items tested in the results from the vet. ImmuneIQ gave me food and some environmental too. I found that both are very helpful – I was giving my baby a slice of peanut butter bread and ImmuneIQ results showed bread was a “not ok/overwhelming” item, so I stopped giving him bread among other things on both lists and he is doing so much better. He still has some issues, because he is allergic to many grasses…but in the areas that I can control he is improving every day. I agree with you that overall it was a great deal for the price!

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