January Kid’s Workshop at Home Depot

one of my blog goals this year was to  post more ‘real content’ instead of just reviews and giveaways. I want to get back to the original reason I started blogging! And this is a goal I intend to stick to now so I hope you enjoy it. I mentioned last year about the kid’s workshops offered by The Home Depot. This is something that my oldest loves to do and I am sure my youngest will be starting on very soon!

The Home Depot has a wonderful program for kids! The first Saturday of every month, The Home Depot stores nationwide run a kids workshop. Many people seem to think woodworking is just for boys, but these shops are aimed for boys AND girls! They say the main age range is 5-12 but I have definitely seen younger kids participate and love it! They teach hands on skills, tool safety, and give the child a sense of accomplishment. Not to mention it is a great bonding activity for parents and kids. These shops are offered FREE OF CHARGE! You simply visit your local Home Depot between 9 AM and 12 PM on the first Saturday of the month and fill out their ‘permission sheet’. After you sing the form, they will give you the project kit, a cute little Home Depot apron, and the tools you need to complete the project. You find a seat in the designated area and get to building! I don’t know about all locations, but mine offers a snack and a drink to the children and many times even have a paint station that they can paint their finished projects!

Once they are complete, they can return to the table to pick up a special pin as well as a certificate of achievement (kids seem to love these added tokens and feel very special by receiving them!) The whole thing takes maybe 30 minutes of your time, but it is a tradition that your kids will grow to love and will be anxious to spend that extra time with you while you can have a sense of accomplishment knowing you are teaching them useful life skills!


The next workshop is this Saturday, January 5 from 9 AM to 12 PM. The kids will be building a bird house! I love a project like this because it doesn’t just sit around after it is built, you can actually hang it, fill with birdseed, and let your child watch the birds enjoy their new house! You can check out the site monthly for a listing of the next two projects. In February they will be creating a Valentine card holder. I’ll make sure to keep you updated when the day is getting close!

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2 Responses to January Kid’s Workshop at Home Depot

  1. Holly Trudeau says:

    What a great workshop for the kiddos! Can 35 yr old men come as well? LOL my husband loves bird houses! (weird I know 😉

    • thriftymom613 says:

      =] Have him take the kids and help them build. Lots of Dads are up there helping. (I don’t think they will give him his own kit HAHA but they will give one for every kid)

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