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So, it is Saturday. One of my ‘every other saturday’ rituals with my step-son is participating in the Lowe’s build and grow projects. So I thought I would do a post about it since many people I have mentioned it to were completely unaware of it! Every other Saturday at 10 AM Lowe’s does a wood building project for kids. It is absolutely free and is supposed to be offered at every Lowe’s regardless of what state you live in. You can check out the actual website at www.lowesbuildandgrow.com

You can sign up for these projects and print out the form on their web page. (or you can sign up while in store that morning, it just takes a bit longer) It says it is great for kids between 1st and 5th grade (though I have seen a few that definitely look younger participating) Also this is not just for boys. Many parents bring their little girls also. When you get there they will give you a package with the kit to whatever they are building that week. You will also receive a cute little apron and a pair of safety glasses that you get to keep and a hammer you can use while you are there. They set you up at tables and you just follow the instructions and help your child build. The kids really seem to enjoy the hands on fun and love the outcome once its all done!

After it is complete you take it back to the counter and they will give you a certificate of completion and a badge that you can sew onto your apron (or put into a big bag like we do.. I’m definitely not into the whole sewing thing!)  It may take all of 20 minutes out of your Saturday morning but the kids get to learn how to build and end up with something fun to play with. So far this year we have built a castle with a working drawbridge door and a dinosaur that they can open and close its mouth. Last year we built things like trains, catapults, game boxes, a spider.. many different things. Around the holidays they base it on holiday type things. Two weeks from now they are doing a valentines day project! So make sure to check it out. Nothing beats fun AND free when it comes to finding things to do with your children!

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  1. joy h says:

    These are so much fun!

  2. This sounds like a lot of fun. Sure wish they had been around when my boys were little. Thanks for sharing!
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