Looking for the latest fashions? Check out Ultimate Outlet!

It’s a given that women just want to look good! I know I do. So, when I discover an online site that can help all women achieve this goal, you know I have to share. My newest find is UltimateOutlet.com. I think I am in shoppers heaven. There are just so many cute items on here at prices that a Thrifty Mom like myself can actually afford to splurge on! They have everything from dresses, tops, pants, lingerie, and even swimwear. And of course, a fashion site isn’t complete without the shoes and accessories to accompany it!

Many times, I encounter the inevitable problem with high fashion sites… most clothing is made for “little” girls. I am far from the little girl. I was very happy to see that they offer clothing to fit ALL sizes whether you are a size 1 or a size 18!  Even better, they have clothing for TALL women! I am 5’9″ and sometimes it can be a really hard task to find clothing that can flatter my figure while being the right length. Luckily UltimateOutlet knows that ‘No two bodies are alike’! This alone made this site appealing to me. Their special sizes go from 14W to 26W as well as heights of under 5’3 and from 5’8 to 5’11.

The prices are absolutely amazing for a frugal shopper. I Love dresses. But many times even a simple sun dress can stretch the budget tremendously. I found multiple dresses for under $40! Are you more of a jeans kind of girl? There were multiple styles under $30! Looking for the BEST deal possible? they have a warehouse sale section (but note, all sales are final here) with prices as low as $5! I can’t even get prices that good at my local thrift stores. Lets just say, I am now in a shopping mood and can’t wait to have a few extra dollars! Check out these items I am really eyeing and the unbelievable prices to go along with them!


This adorable Jumpsuit is in the Warehouse Sale section and at an UNBELIEVABLE price of only $5!! Yes, you are seeing that right!




How about these shoes, I am a shoe addict! And to see these lovely heels at the low price of $39 is just a steal!



And every girl needs a nice handbag to coordinate with their outfits. At only $25, this bag has my name written all over it!


Make sure to check out ultimate outlet.com I can assure you, you will find something you love! If you do, come back and share it with the rest of us! Everyone loves to hear about great deals on awesome products.

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2 Responses to Looking for the latest fashions? Check out Ultimate Outlet!

  1. Ruby says:

    With fashion bug going out of business I need sites like this! Ty

  2. Michelle says:

    I am totally appalled at the lack of quality of my purchase. The sizes were totally off and not just by a little. All the shirts were super thin, like paper. To top it all off, I cannot return the crappy clothes I received. I will no longer be purchasing anything from this site again due to the no return policy and the lack of quality in their products. Also, in order to find the “real” reviews for these guys you should look up Speigel complaints.

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