Losing The Undesirable ‘New Mom’ Body

Having a baby is the greatest feeling in the world. Even the nine months of pregnancy are a truly magical time in your life in spite of the issues with discomfort, especially in the third trimester. However, if there’s one thing that no new mother likes, it’s the inevitable physical changes.

Pregnancy can see you gain weight, skin blemishes, and issues like nose swelling. Unfortunately, those impacts don’t instantly end after childbirth. If you’re going to restore physical appearances to their former glory, you’ll need to make a conscious effort. Here’s all you need to know about taking your journey to the next level.   

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Getting A Head Start

Throughout pregnancy, your priorities will rightly be with baby’s safety and development. In truth, those sentiments of putting your son or daughter first will remain for life. Therefore, ignoring your body’s natural craving for more food and increased relaxation is simply not an option. Those factors will inevitably spark physical changes, but you can still take steps to reduce their impact.

Staying fit for the first trimester is fairly easy. But it soon becomes very difficult to maintain your standard workouts and sporting activities. Nonetheless, you can still master the art of remaining active. While this won’t do much for the increased size of your stomach, it can reduce the impact on your neck, arms and legs.   

Changes to the skin are the most common cause for concern, but there are several ways to reduce the damage. Ensuring that you drink enough water and get enough sleep will provide a solid foundation. Meanwhile, Mustela stretch marks prevention cream can actively fight the signs during pregnancy. They also restore the natural health and beauty in the months after birth. Get into the right habits at the earliest point possible, and those rituals will become second nature.

Those precautionary measures won’t prevent nature taking its toll. Still, it will put you in the best starting position for when the time comes to start thinking about the journey back to your best. If nothing else, it’ll work wonders for your mentality.

Gaining A Sense Of Perspective

On the one hand, it might sound a little counterproductive to suggest accepting that your body might never go back to the exact state it was in before. After all, this can be a little demoralizing for some women and can leave you questioning whether it’s worthwhile. However, given that’s equally important for setting a winning example to your child, there should be no doubts.

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Besides, appearances aren’t the only personal incentive. The increased health and energy will make you a happier mom. As such, this makes you a better parent too. In truth, that pursuit of happiness is the main reason that you need that perspective. Getting your body back to the way it was is important, but it’s not the priority in your life. Appreciating this removes the need for instant results, along with the associated stress. In turn, this should help you maintain motivation throughout the process.

When you remove the sole focus on image, you’ll learn to enjoy exercise, nutrition and other factors once more. If the healthy living aspects are more satisfying on an emotional level, there’s a good chance that the long-term results will be far better too. And even if they aren’t, placing less importance on the esthetic rewards will make it less of a big deal.

Finding Family-Friendly Activities

Juggling parenthood with a career and other life commitments isn’t easy. While it’s importance to have balance and create time for yourself, finding space in the schedule for exercise is tough. If it comes to a choice between time with loved ones or time in the gym, it’s the latter option that will be dropped from the agenda. That is, of course, unless you find a way to successfully merge the two.

There is a plethora of options at your disposal. These range from yoga with babies to parent and baby swimming classes. The chance to strengthen the bond is clearly the main selling point, but getting a little exercise without overdoing it can be brilliant too. Moreover, this gives you an opportunity for mommy-baby time with or without daddy. Find the right balance between the two, and the start of working your way back to your old image will be very gentle on the body and soul.

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Couples classes are a great solution for spending quality time together while baby is with the grandparents or sitter. Whether it’s dancing, a team sport or any other activity doesn’t matter. If it’s fun and effective, it’s a step in the right direction. Besides, if you start to feel in a bad way, having your partner by your side is very reassuring.

Thinking Beyond Size

When wanting to beat the ‘new mom’ body, size matters. There’s no escaping the fact that losing the extra weight is top of the agenda. Nonetheless, it would be naïve to think that this is the only key factor. Many elements contribute to your overall look and self-satisfaction, and many of them offer far quicker fixes. As such, it makes sense to start paying more attention to those.

A winning smile goes a long way to boosting your natural appearance and self-esteem. Total Beauty teeth whitening product reviews should point you towards a winning solution for you. That daily home treatment can bring stunning results in a matter of days. If nothing else, ticking that item off of the checklist makes it feel as though you are on the right track.

Other issues can include treating your hair. It’s very easy for new moms to overlook this factor as it doesn’t feel like a priority. On the contrary, the impact it brings on an emotional level as well as to your looks makes it an essential feature. Likewise, making your eyes, lips, and nails look great will all work wonders.

Size matters, but it’s not the only key feature. Fail to appreciate this, and even the weight loss transformation won’t restore your former beauty.

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Consider A Little Cheating

The natural approach to getting back your old body is always best. Unfortunately, some women find it a lot harder than others. If genetics aren’t on your side, it might be worth considering some of the alternative solutions on the market.

Whether it’s weight loss through freezing, skin tightening or oral reconstruction doesn’t matter. Professional treatments are available. They can accelerate your progress without nearly the same level of work. Alternatively, you could look at detoxes and similar ideas to kick-start your journey back to your best. Either way, seeing instant results will spearhead more progress and send motivation levels through the roof.

Is it cheating? Probably. But do you really care? Life is far too short for regrets or feeling unhappy. If those tricks allow you to become a healthier and happier mom, you should have no problems grabbing those opportunities with both hands. After all, you’re only speeding up the process, which will allow you to enjoy life to the fuller.

The Final Word

In truth, you’re probably your own worst critic. The months of not looking like you once did can encourage you to think things are far worse than you believe. Even if you never get back to the way you once looked, the joy of parenthood means it is a sacrifice worth making.   

Still, if you pay attention to those points above, you won’t only just gain find the quickest route to your destination. You’ll enjoy the journey too!

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