Lowe’s Build & Grow Sign Ups Open!

If you haven’t registered yet, head on over to the Lowe’s Build & Grow website and sign up for this month’s kid’s workshop! They will be building this adorable heart photo frame on February 14 for Valentine’s Day! Not sure about your area, but ours fills up pretty fast once sign ups open, so make sure to sign up as soon as possible to guarantee your spot!


Never heard of Lowe’s Build & Grow? You’re missing out! We have been doing this with our boys for many years! once a month, on a Saturday, Lowe’s has a free Kid’s workshop. You simply sign up and take your kids to your local Lowe’s at the printed time (10AM) with the printed waiver to participate. (Some Lowe’s may allow you to do so without advanced sign up, but be safe and sign up. Ours makes you wait 30 minutes to see if all who sign up in advance show up before allowing anyone else to build!) Lowe’s will provide each child with an apron, goggles, and a building kit that they are able to keep, for free, along with a hammer and space to build the project right there with employees on hand to assist if you need help! Once completed, each child gets a certificate and a little badge to add to their apron. Each month they can collect a new badge and certificate! Nothing like instilling real life skills in children starting at a young age! My boys have always loved it! (if you have girls, take them too! you’d be surprised how happy the little girls are to build as well!!) I’ll try to post a reminder each month as registration opens!

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