Luxury 1000 Thread 100% Cotton Sheets

If there is one thing I do not have enough of in my house, it is bed sheets. I have a king size, pillow top mattress. And while it is amazing for sleeping, it has been a royal pain to find sheets for it! I have bought set after set of sheets claiming to be deep pocket or luxury and each time I am let down. It seems like I have to remake my bed every single morning as the fitted sheets just do not fit. I had just assumed I was crazy and there was no sheets to fit this bed. I was recently given the opportunity to review a set of 1000 thread, 100% cotton Luxury sheets. I was a bit hesitant, but with the price tag on these, I decided what the heck, lets try them. I am so glad I did!


I am pretty picky when it comes to my bedding as I get extremely hot at night. When I first pulled this set out the package, I was a bit worried as it felt extremely thick. But at the same time, they were so soft and the most durable feeling sheets I had ever put my hands on. The sage color was actually really pretty as well and will go great with a variety of different comforters since it is so pale. I washed them up to get them on my bed. I just knew they were not going to fit the depth of my mattress… boy was I wrong. These things fit perfectly! Just look at how snug it fits an how it actually wraps completely around this gigantic mattress!

sheets 3

That night, I slept like a baby! The sheets were extremely comfortable. Even though they feel super thick, they do not seem to hold in heat at all so I was able to stay nice and cool all night. They have been on my bed for 2 weeks now and have not shrank in the wash either time I washed them nor have they slipped off the corner of my bed even once.This includes days my 4 year old thinks my bed is a trampoline! I wish I could get a better photo of the color because these really are just perfect!

sheets 2

while they are available on Amazon at a pretty hefty price tag for my thrifty little heart, it just proves the saying “You get what you pay for”. I have never spent more than $60 on a set of sheets… but I have had to buy multiple sets and been unhappy with the quality at all times. Now I know to just save up for a month or two and instead of buying a new set in that time as I typically would, save it and splurge on another one of these. If you need a good beauty rest and an amazing sheet set, I definitely recommend checking out this Luxury 1000 thread, 100% cotton sheet set! It is available in multiple colors to suit any style!

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