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My four year old is a huge science fan already. He is always “doing a spearmint” as he calls it. He even got a telescope and microscope for his birthday because he likes looking in depth at things. I think it amazing that he shows such an interest this early and since it was always one of my favorite subjects, I do everything I can to encourage it! He recently received a Magic Science kit from The Young Scientists Club to review and I think he would sleep with the set if I’d let him!


The Young Scientists Club has a really amazing line of products that he is always excited to check out. The minute he saw the box come in, he wanted to do every experiment in the book. The magic Science kit comes with rainbow glasses, measuring cup, test tube, bottle connector, screen, sponges, mirrors, a lab tray, a 20 page booklet full of fun experiments to get the littlest scientists brains in motion and more. We started off with a simple mirror reflection trick. The book had straight lines with half of an image drawn on. Holding the mirror directly on the line would reflect the image and of course make it appear complete. This was really mind boggling to a 4 year old and he wanted me to start drawing photos for him. I love that many of these experiments are open ended and you can use the book to just get you started!

mirror reflection

Another of his favorites was using the mirrors to duplicate an item.  He thought is was the coolest thing ever that he had one ball, but depending on how he positioned the mirrors it could appear as 3 or more balls.


I was actually impressed with all the mirror tricks. there was even one I had never done before. The little mirrors in this kit are flexible. They could be bent to create a fun house mirror effect. Bending the mirror outwards stretches your reflection. BUT, if you bend it inwards, it somehow flips your reflection upside down! I felt like a kid watching this “magic trick”!

mirror trick

If you have ever seen science in elementary school, you know the tornado in a bottle is one of the most well known experiments for the youngest scientists. We always loved taping the 2 bottles together and just shaking that thing all up and watching the creation. We never had an awesome connector like this kit that made this experiment even more simple and fun! Simply take two bottles, fill one 2/3 of the way with water, we added a little green food color since it’s my little ones favorite color, connect the second bottle,flip it upside down and give it a good twirling shake and watch.

tornado bottle


I must admit, we have yet to take the bottles apart because he wants to “make a nado” multiple times a day. He even shows this to his friends when they come over. They think he has the most awesome things because he is always parading around his science kits! His little friend today told me she wants to come back and do some science experiments with us because “I am such a cool mom!” Score one for science! It put me on the cool mom list already! I absolutely love all of the products from The Young Scientists Club and recommend them to any more looking to jump start their little ones love of learning. Each kit is geared around a fun subject and has all of the tools needed for hours of fun and learning. Make sure to check out The Young Scientists Club on Facebook and Twitter and then stop back by tomorrow and enter to win a Magic Science Kit for your little one!

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