Mighty Mug: Helping Moms Keep Their Sanity AND Coffee in Check!

As a mom, you have to be prepared for anything… as a mom of BOYS you have to be prepared for the worst! Random kicks and punches are normal every day play. Swinging a baseball bat to hit a toy car off a dresser? Yeah, they have that covered! Throwing a football across the kitchen while you are cooking? Can’t say I haven’t seen that happen! And they always seem to be ready to go the minute they wake up! I’m still wiping the sleep out my eyes and trying to get my point across that mommy is not a very nice mommy if she doesn’t have her coffee before you start playing Incredible Hulk with her furniture! Many times, I have been found yelling and almost in tears because my drink has been spilled. Coffee…. not a smell that is easy to clean up either! So, with the promise of a “mug that won’t fall” I jumped right into the opportunity to review The Mighty Mug.

mighty mug

i received a stainless steel Mighty Mug Go. It is a pretty awesome cup right out the box. The sleek stainless steel design fits perfectly with my kitchen decor. The double walled vacuum insulated cup keeps drinks cold and hot for much longer than a normal cup. Its a great size to fit in the cup holder in the car. Not to mention the perfect cap over the mouth piece to prevent spills on the go. The only thing that could make it better is if it would fit under my Keurig! But it’s OK. It’s worth the extra step to pour it from the cup into my Mighty Mug. And while this may be a “to go” cup.. it is my “go to” cup! With its smart grip technology, this cup seems to magically stick to flat surfaces. It doesn’t have a suction base. No sticky residue. No fighting to pick it up once you set it down. I don’t know HOW it does it, but it has something to do with this magical base!

mighty mug base

I was skeptical at first. Its so lightweight and I was terrified that I was going to put too much faith in its design and end up with coffee everywhere. That has not been the case at all. It has been hit and elbowed. It has had footballs thrown at it. It even stands up to the “4 year old ninja test” without so much as almost falling over.

Needless to say, this is an awesome addition to any mom arsenal. It will truly save your sanity AND your coffee on a pretty regular basis. Not a fan of stainless steel? their are other options for colors and designs that will nicely fit YOUR individual style as well. Now, the creators of The Mighty Mug are moving on to barware (we all know we’d love to experience a tip free wine glass!) You can check out their Kickstarter for more info on that! Make sure to follow The Mighty Mug on Facebook and Twitter to find out when they add other great new items to their line ups!

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