Do you have “mommy showers” for your pregnant friends?

It seems to be a baby-pocalypse upon us. I don’t know about you but seems everyone around me is expecting. I’m kind of scared to drink the water at this point! HAHA I love babies but baby showers are so not my thing. Maybe its that I didn’t have a big elegant shower. Maybe its the monotony of it. 2 Hours of watching someone open baby clothes, diapers and wipes while crying happy tears and everyone “oohhhhh-ing and awww-ing… I have only been to 2 showers I enjoyed and that s because they involved a shock factor that I actually liked! The hosts of each one planned a typical baby shower, but instead of the hosts partaking in baby gifts, they left that to the guests and they gave the moms a “mommy shower”.

baby shower

The first time I saw it I was slightly shocked. The mom to be opened a gift expecting to see baby clothes and instead there was a gift bag filled with cute underwear for women! Imagine the shock as she pulled out these cute little panties. I didn’t know how she was going to take it. I should have known she’d cry. But it was actually a good cry. As she hugged her friend she said ” It’s really nice to see a gift actually be for ME because moms never focus on themselves when a new baby arrives!” That really stuck with me. It’s true. We get gift after gift for baby and while it’s super fun to welcome baby into the world, all moms truly get is a lack of sleep, demanding schedule, and poop filled diapers (and of curse baby love) in return.

baby shower2

While I am not sure I would really be comfortable buying all my new mom friends sexy underwear, I am still considering doing a mommy shower instead. I’d love to see the happy shock value on their face when they open a package with women’s nightwear just for them. Who wouldn’t appreciate an adorable new set of pajamas to make them feel pretty and comfortable at that 3 am feeding? I know I would love getting a gift or 2 just for me at a baby shower. Moms need love too right?! Have you ever seen a mommy shower? What do you think of the concept?

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