I am the mother of a super hero thanks to Everfan!

My three year old has a very active imagination. Once he sees something on television, he remembers it and sooner or later he decides to act it out. In the last few moths superheroes have been his big thing. I can be cooking dinner and all I hear is “Momma! Look at me! I a super hero!” and as I look he is jumping off the sofa trying to fly. Other times he is trying to pick up the dog to save him from danger. We used to tie a blanket around his shoulders as a cape. Now, we have an amazing full super hero costume from Everfan! It’s one thing to have a cape and be a super hero. But it takes on a whole new level when you have arm bands and a face mask to complete the look!

everfan cape

He has absolutely LOVED his Everfan super hero cape. We were able to design it just for him. He chose the color orange for his costume. (smart boy, that’s momma’s favorite color too!) He chose a lightning bolt since it makes him super fast. And I had the letter D added for his name. Ordering was very easy and shipping was fast as well. Each cape comes with matching eye mask and wristbands. I love that the wrist bands have the lightning bolt design to match the cape. All of it is very well made! The cape has a velcro clasp for easy use even by the youngest super heroes. The eye mask and wrist bands are elastic so they fit my 3 year old but even fit my 11 year old as well. For $29 this is a steal!

everfan cape 2

So, yes… I gave birth to the next super hero! I kind of already knew he was really special 🙂 Now even his pediatrician and all the nurses know his secret identity… he just HAD to wear it to his three year check up last week to make sure they knew they had a super hero in their presence! Now I just have to order one for my 11 year old because he feels he hasn’t been able to expose his true identity yet!

everfan cape 3

Make sure to check out Everfan for yourself. You to can be a super hero mom (or dad, aunt, grandma…..) Right now if you order and use code TM-PARTY at checkout you will receive 25% off your order! One lucky reader will also have the chance to win a super hero cape from Everfan as well! Follow them on Facebook and twitter and then enter below!

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15 Responses to I am the mother of a super hero thanks to Everfan!

  1. Sharon says:

    I love when kids have the opportunity to express their imagination! What a great superhero cape set!
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  2. Megan says:

    Aw these are so cute! I love how bright the colors are. Thanks for the chance to win!
    Check out Megan’s awesome new post here! I’m a Personal Shopper…say what!?!My Profile

  3. christine jessamine says:

    I would love the red lightning bolt with the letter T

  4. McKim says:

    I would get a red lightning bolt cape with the letter R for my little grandson.

  5. Tarah says:

    I like the Eagle Superhero cape

  6. Christine says:

    I would pick the Owl Superhero Cape for my niece.

  7. Heather Dawn says:

    I would get the Superdog Superhero Cape.

  8. Sherry Eckman says:

    I would choose the Florida Gators cape!

  9. tina reynolds says:

    I would pick the Dragon Superhero Cape

  10. Laurie Emerson says:

    I would choose the Cupcake Queen cape for my daughter who loves to eat and bake cupcakes with me.

  11. MARIA simon says:

    cupcake queen is adorable as they all are 🙂

  12. Roxann says:

    I would probably choose the personalized cape in green with the lightning bolt and the letter A.

  13. Sonya says:

    I love the Star Kids Superhero Cape!
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  14. Vikki Billings says:

    I would choose the Dragon Superhero Cape!

  15. Candace says:

    I would choose a personalized cape 🙂

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